Saturday, March 10, 2012


Nigeria’s Nollywood is the third largest film industry worldwide right behind Hollywood in the US and India’s Bollywood. Its filmmakers have mastered the art of producing entertaining popular media with low production costs and high revenue gains. According to Black Enterprise, Nollywood produces more than 2000 moves each year and brings in $250 million in profit. But exactly how does Nollywood work?
As with Tyler Perry’s films, Nollywood filmmakers can produce a film for around $15,000. In return, they often see 10 times that amount in profit. Nollywood started in the late 1980s, and has since been producing movies that display the everyday life and dilemmas of Africans covering religious to moral, romantic and political themes.
With an increasing number of African American actors jumping on board, Nollywood has been able to reach an even greater audience, and has fans from across Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. But Nollywood offers the black community more than just a means of entertainment.
“Nollywood films allow Black people to shine,” Ebbe Bassey, the Bronx-born, Nigeria-raised actress said to Black Enterprise. “[Unlike in Hollywood], we’re not being killed at the end of the first scene. We’re not gangbanging or on drugs,” she says. “We can be doctors, lawyers and whatever else we want to be. Nollywood films allow Black people to choose roles that fully express their humanity.” read more


  1. I really didn't know that Nigeria is third largest film industry worldwide. There, black people really shine, I hope one day that it happens in Brazil.

  2. @Itamar, My Brazilian friend, great to hear from you. are soooo on point...Brazil, as well as Africa, has some of the world's greatest looking women. I too, can't wait for the day of Brazil's cinema break thru!