Friday, April 17, 2015

Hidden History of The Nile - Religious Evolution & The Holy Trinity

I recently had another disturbing conversation regarding Africa with a sister of color.

This relatively young sister's comments on the motherland were consistent with the Africa of western media...fill in the negative stereotype.

Needless to say, I shared with her articles, images and videos on my website of an Africa rarely depicted in the American press. The response from her was telling:

"This is Africa? Wow, really? I have to do more of my own research"

I must add. If the western press continues to collectively present a distorted image of African-American life on a daily basis, we have to recognize, likewise, this same bias is embedded in their reporting of Africa.

The images support the mentality that sustains an international status quo or caste system most economically, politically, culturally and socially friendly to people of European descent.

 But once again, I want to share another video that shatters many of our preconceived beliefs. This is an insightful video of the African Traditional Religion's (ATR) contribution and presence in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Many of the beliefs, ritual traditions, storylines, celebrations and practices are rooted in ATR.