Because pursuing the investigation remains worthwhile, Mr. Graham's comments are especially dangerous. 

His spokesman defended the interview to The Post as "predicting/forecasting what he thinks will happen." But some predictions are also threats. read entire article

Once upon a time, Graham was willing to fight Trumpism and the MAGA world. Presently, he is fueling antagonism and hatred in our country. His hypocrisy is stark.

Lyndsey Graham unplugged:

2016: "Donald Trump is a race-baiting, xenophobic, bigot."

Aftermath of Jan 6 insurrection: "Count me out. Enough is enough...if you're a conservative," the idea that Vice President Mike Pence could reverse the results of the election, as President Donald Trump had urged him to do, was "the most offensive concept in the world." 

                         The zig and zags? 

Notice: each time Graham ventures off the MAGA ranch, he receives a "let's play golf" Trump invitation. After a day of golf or a Mar-a-Lago sit down (Mafia style), Lyndsey, obediently, returns to being Trump's number one MAGA acolyte on the Hill.

How does Trump flip Graham? Former Attorney General Bill Barr recently revealed (what we all suspected) Trump's secret: Extortion.


"The tactic that Trump is using to exert this control over the Republican Party is extortion," Barr said of his former boss. "What other great leader has done this? Telling the party, 'If it's not me, I'm going to ruin your election chances by telling my base to sit home. And I'll sabotage whoever you nominate other than me.' It shows what he's all about. He's all about himself." source.

And considering the whispering campaign regarding Graham's personal lifestyle choice, one can only wonder what binders full of secrets Trump has over Graham. But, of course, as we know, Trump loves his classified files.

Graham is to Trump what Trump is to Putin: compromised!