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D-Wade's hard foul against Kobe: Cheap Shot?

During last weekend's star-studded affair --NBA All-Star game -- in Orlando, Kobe Bryant sustained a broken nose and concussion resulting from a hard foul by Miami Heat rival Dwayne Wade.

 Now for further context, it is customary (a professional sport unwritten law) that hard fouls or hard contact is to be avoided at all cost in an All-Star game. It's considered a cheap-shot if you do otherwise. Just ask Pete Rose:

Pete Rose was never afraid to go all-out on the baseball field -- almost to a fault. Rose's decision to run over Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star Game is one of the more controversial plays of Rose's career, and it's one that lost him some respect within the game.  source

To his credit, D-Wade privately apologized and Kobe took no offense:

After the Lakers' 104-85 victory Wednesday over theMinnesota Timberwolves, Bryant maintained that the foul didn't shatter their relationship.

"It's always entertaining to me to hear people talk about our relationship as if they know really what's going on and try to say there's something between them and all this other stuff," said Bryant, who played with Wade in the FIBAS Americas tournament in 2007 and the 2008 Olympics. "It was very simple. It was very simple. He didn't mean to do it. It's just something that just happens. He's not that type of person." source
Kobe's new look

Now by all accounts, D-Wade has a nice guy persona and Kobe has, uh, let's just say Kobe is Kobe. And one can argue because of this dynamic, Wade is getting (except in L.A.) a free pass.

 But allow me to play the devil's advocate: If the roles were reversed and Kobe hard fouls Wade during an All-Star break, would Kobe get the Son-of-Sam treatment in the press?

Let's take it a little further -- just for entertainment sake: what if Kobe hard fouls Jeremy Lin (I know he's not an All-Star yet) and Lin's nose was broken, would Kobe become an international pariah?

But Kobe best sums up why D-Wade gets a free pass (almost everywhere) for violated a gentlemen's agreement:

 "He's a nicer guy than I am, to be honest with you," Bryant said. "He's just not the type of person who would intentionally do something like that.... All that matters is what our relationship is like, really. We communicated. It's all good. But here in L.A. I'm sure his perception has definitely been altered." source

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Ole Boys Go Wild: Angry white males

Call it Good Ole Boys Go Wild

These latest dust ups are indicative of the mind-set of a certain demographic of white males -- the non-progressive type -- and they have become completely unhinged.

Lets take a peak:

The bench of the top federal judge in Montana has turned into a hot seat after he emailed a racially charged joke implying President Obama was conceived in an act of bestiality.
U.S. District Judge Richard F. Cebull, 67, said his brother sent him the email, which Cebull then forwarded to six "old buddies" through his judicial account on Feb. 20 from his chambers in Billings.
The joke, whose subject line was "A Mom's Memory," implied Obama was conceived in an act of bestiality between a dog and Obama's mother, who was white.
The message was eventually sent to the Great Falls Tribune, which published it Wednesday. Source
Why did he feel compelled to send it? In his own words:

Based in Billings, the 67-year-old judge says he forwarded the email to six "old buddies" after receiving it from his brother. It describes a boy asking his mother why he is black when she is white, and her response: "Don't ever go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you're lucky you don't bark."

The email was titled, "A Mom's Memory," and started with the words, "Normally I don't send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was a bit touching. I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine."  source

Not to be out slimed, the the dean of slime balls - Rush - had to add his zero cents to the conversation of women's contraceptives being a part of Obamacare (didn't this slime ball get busted with loads of viagra pills in an Airport):

Limbaugh has come under fire in recent days for comments he made Wednesday about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law School student who had hoped to testify earlier this month in a House oversight committee hearing on the White House contraception rule.

Fluke, a women's health activist who says her friend lost an ovary due to lack of contraceptive care, was turned away from the hearing by Republican leadership, but told her story in a mock congressional hearing later in the month. In her testimony, Fluke largely discussed the high cost of contraception, the important medical benefits it can offer women.

Limbaugh on Wednesday called Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" on his radio show. He doubled down on the comments Thursday, saying he thought it was "hilarious" that the "left has been thrown into an outright conniption fit" as a result of the remarks.
"The reaction that they are having to what I said yesterday about Susan Fluke -- or Sandra Fluke, whatever her name is -- the Georgetown student who went before a congressional committee and said she's having so much sex, she's going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them," Limbaugh said on his show. "I said, 'Well, what would you call someone who wants us to pay for her to have sex? What would you call that woman? You'd call 'em a slut, a prostitute or whatever.'"
"So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here's the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch." source
And ya thought after Donald Chumps very public smack-down by Obama that the Birther BS was down for the count. Well, ya be wrong. Arizona's nut sheriff, Arpaio, conducted a bither witch-hunt and reveals:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, announced Thursday that his six-month investigation found that "probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed" in the release of President Obama's long-form birth certificate.  source
Having a black man in the White House has given these white men fits. They have become unglued, deranged and unbalanced right before our eyes. The level of over-the-top disrespect to our president is unprecedented and anti-American. Case in point: this current Republican clown show primary is nothing more than a tragic comedy in which each participant covets the chance to be the GOP'S anti-Obama.
It's not Obama's policies they oppose - time and time again they reject their own policies if Obama adopts them - no, it is the hue of his skin. These white men are deeply offended by the mere presence of the Obamas and can no longer conceal nor contain their rage.
Back to the so-called judge: Judge you are an extreme embarrassment to the court and our country. You have proven yourself to be unfit for the court and should be removed ASAP.   


Saving time and money for dinner by The Frugal Duchess

The bewitching hour -- that twilight period between late afternoon and mealtime -- was a challenge when my children were toddlers. Balancing a mix of late afternoon snacks, baths and dinner preparation stretched our limited time, money and patience.

Now that the kids are older, the betwitching hour has a different chime. Rush-hour commutes, homework assignments and dinner prep are recipes for tension and expensive takeout food.

Sarah Beth Davidoff, chef and owner of Fare to Remember Creative Catering, offers organizational tips to reduce the emotional and financial costs of evening dinner rituals. ''Taking time to think about meals can save money,'' Davidoff said.

Here are a few suggestions:
• Hold cooking marathons: As the child of working parents, Davidoff has fond memories of her mother's weekly cooking marathons. On Sunday afternoons, her mother would cook for several hours, whipping up a variety of dishes to serve later in the week. With that headstart, her parents avoided the weeknight lure of fast food, pizza and expensive takeout meals. ''It's a great use of time,'' Davidoff said.

• Serve breakfast for dinner: Break out of culinary time zones. Consider omelets, pancakes, French toast and waffles for dinner. ''Those are healthy items and are much faster to make than roasting an entire chicken,'' Davidoff said, and breakfast is cheaper than a typical dinner.

• Shop carefully: Sketch out a week of menus and use them to create a shopping list before you hit the grocery store. Stick to the list and avoid marketing tricks at the store. For instance, expensive snacks and processed foods are placed at the eye level of most adults, while pricey cereals and other sugary treats are placed on lower shelves to attract the attention of children.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Africa You Don't See on TV - African Beauty Part I

I saw this joint and I just had to share. It made my day, hope it makes yours.

A shout out to the beautiful African Queens.

Peyton Manning: Is he a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins? by Gregory Gee

Miami Billboard
Editor's Note: As of now, Peyton Manning is still an Indianapolis Colt. Therefore, the following is a hypothetical exercise.

 I asked HGP sports editor Greg Gee - a lifelong Miami Dolphin fan - since there is speculation in the air that the Colts will release Peyton (and sign college sensation Andrew Luck) would Manning be a good fit in Miami?  Certainly, many Dolphins fans are hoping so.

Tim Tebow got a billboard in Denver last season and did really well with it. Now, Miami Dolphins fans are hoping a campaign to bring Peyton Manning to Miami will show similar results.
In an effort to convince impending free agent quarterback Manning to their team, Dolphins fans have begun a website called, and advertised the site on a billboard at the intersection of I-95 and I-595 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to the Washington Post. source

Gee Man responds:

No matter where he ends up, a healthy Peyton Manning will make his team a contender. I have asked the question of my friends: "how many victories would Peyton account for with any team he joins?" The average number response is six. My Miami Dolphins finished 6-10 last year and according to this inexact science/polling, they would had been a 12-4 dominant team with Petyon.

Almost any of the remaining 31 teams would take Manning but where is the best team for a quarterback who has about 3 good, solid years of quality play left in the tank?

 Here are 3 solid reasons Peyton Manning should take his talents to South Beach:

1. Coaching Staff:

    Yes, the new staff is lead by rookie head coach and ex-Green Bay Packer offensive coordinator Joe Philbin but they are experienced offensive specialists. Green Bay finished in the top 10 in points and yards in each of his five seasons as offensive coordinator. The Packer's offense was first in scoring last season under Philbin's tutelage as offensive coordinator

 New offensive coordinator MikeSherman (he gave Philbin his first job in the NFL during Sherman’s tenure as head coach of the Green Bay Packers) and wide Receivers coach Ken O'Keefe will be
responsible for crafting Philbin’s west coast offense and developing the passing game. O'Keefe was the offensive coordinator for 13 years at University of Iowa. Peyton would step into a situation with an experienced offensive staff that is creating a similar offense he ran in Indianapolis. " we want to make significant use of the no-huddle offense, will exploit matchup advantages and will use multiple formations to keep defenses guessing." says Philbin.(Miami Herald 1/28/2012)

Read more here:  

Read more here:

Read more here: in each of his five seasons as coordinator. Their offense, led by quarterback Aaron was first in the NFL in scoring this season. And their point total during Philbin’s tenure ascoordinator were the most over a five-year span in franchise history. New Offensive Coordinator Mike gave Philbin his first job in the NFL during his tenure as head coach of the Packers) and Wide Peyton would step into an experienced coaching staff that feeds and fuels his needs.


Former coach Jimmy Johnson was suppose to bring defensive balance to the then Dan Marino led offense. He bought the defense and now, a future hall of fame quarterback will bring an offensive balance to a defense that gave up just 19.6 points per game last season. The defense will be instantly better with Manning's ability to put up more points and pressure opposing offenses to match him point for point. Manning's has always propped up the Colts average defense, something he will not have to do with a young and talented defense on all 3 levels: d-line, linebackers, and d-backs. Miami's defense could help Manning just as much as he could help the defense.

3. Beat Tom Brady!: 
    Younger brother Eli has developed a reputation of being a Tom Brady slayer by defeating him twice on  
    the NFL grandest stage. Peyton has beaten Brady but let's be honest, we remember Peyton's playoff
    defeats coming at the hands of Brady (he is 8-5) overall versus Peyton) as he went on to win super
    bowls.I am betting Peyton wants one more super bowl to equal Eli and two more to equal Brady. Peyton
    could kill three birds with one stone by signing with Miami: face/defeat Brady at least twice a year, win
    the AFC championship which would deny Brady from reaching the super bowl while his Dolphins win at
    least 2 super bowls.

So, to reiterate, Peyton Manning should take his talents to Miami - for sure, D-Wade and Lebron would throw him a welcome party.


Read more here: lead New Dolphin Offensive coordinator Mike Sherwas his high school teacher, and eventually gave Philbin his first job in the NFL during Sherman’s tenure as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Ken O’Keefe from the University of Iowa, where he served offensive coordinator for 13 years, to coach his receivers. Sherman and O’Keefe are responsibl

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The Republican Brand: The Party of Yesteryear

GOP marching off the cliff
Here is what the Grand Old Ole Party AKA Republicans want to offer America: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. After months of the circus show, these are the three clowns still standing - I don't know what category to put Ron I live in an Attic Paul.

The three clowns are locked in a contest to out dumb each other. Yes, when one clown says something stupid another clown, not missing a beat, retorts with something even more insane. Just this last week clown Gingrich stated:

 President Obama “surrendered” Thursday when he apologized to the Afghan government for the burning of several Qurans at an American military base near Kabul. source

Not to be out clowned, clown Santorum rushed to the podium to announce:

“This is unacceptable,” Santorum said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The idea that a mistake was made — clearly a mistake, which we should not have apologized for — it was a mistake. There was nothing deliberate.. . .Killing Americans in uniform is not a mistake. It was something that deliberate.” source

These clowns have presented us with the most bizarre presidential primary in American history. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd writes:

IT’S  finally sinking in.

Republicans are getting queasy at the gruesome sight of their party eating itself alive, savaging the brand in ways that will long resonate.
The contenders in the Hester Prynne primaries are tripping over one another trying to be the most radical, unreasonable and insane candidate they can be. They pounce on any traces of sanity in the other candidates — be it humanity toward women, compassion toward immigrants or the willingness to make the rich pay a nickel more in taxes — and try to destroy them with it.
President Obama has deranged conservatives just as W. deranged liberals. The right’s image of Obama, though, is more a figment of its imagination than the left’s image of W. was.
She concludes with a cautionary warning:
The Republicans, with their crazed Reagan fixation, are a last-gasp party, living posthumously, fighting battles on sex, race, immigration and public education long ago won by the other side.
They’re trying to roll back the clock, but time is passing them by. Read entire column
But this is not healthy for our country as Nonny Mouse states:
...the Republican Party truly is dying. For all intents and purposes, it’s already dead, the only impression of life being the lurching about of animated zombies eating their own brains, leaving the traditional mainstream moderate Republican conservative embarrassed and frustrated. 

The traditional mainstream moderate conservatives aren’t even in reality Republicans any longer, as the party itself has deteriorated from the rot of tea party fanaticism, and Koch Brother corruption, and the constant barrage Fox propaganda posing as journalism, and hate-filled blustering talk shows spewing hydrophobic nonsense, and the jaw-droppingly atrocious bunch of incompetent idiots posing as GOP Presidential candidates. All that is left of a once a respectable political party is the name “Republican” for nostalgic conservatives to cling to.

Which is so not good for our country. If disaffected Republicans ever managed to purge themselves of the zombies and the tea partiers and the Limbaughs and Fox and regrouped as something else, much like New Labour rebranded itself in the UK (although New Labour turned out to be just Tory Lite rather than any sort of improved Labour party), Democrats might finally have genuine opponents again - which would be both a bit scary and a bit hopeful. 

A nation runs best when there's an honorable opposition to keep the ruling party honest, regardless of what party is in power. An honorable opposition represents a very large proportion of the nation’s citizenship, and gives that citizenship a strong voice. An honorable opposition works harder at designing and proposing alternative ideas in the hope that the good they can do will garner them enough votes next go-round at the polls. I’d like to see an honorable opposition again. source

Natural Hair Care: Home maintenance tips

I have been sporting locs for well over a decade now. It fits my personality both physically and spiritually. My locs are an extension and expression of my very being.

There are various looks and styles of locs: from the thin, long and red tinted locs of the Kenyan Maaisa tribe to thick and natural free form locs of Rastas  to the salon manicured locs of professionals. And locs are no longer relegated to a marginal sub-culture, they have become mainstreamed in our society.

Me, I prefer well groomed professional looking locs (although I appreciate and admire all styles). My locs fashionably demonstrate my ethnic pride yet still allows me to comfortably interact in corporate America. Hence, going to a salon locticion is a personal must. For many years, I have my hair re-twisted atleast once every other month (depends on the season) and these visits usually set me back $65 to $85. Still a bargain compared to brothers that get their weekly haircut at $15 a pop.

But in these times of financial austerity - my wallet seems to be a little lighter - I am forced to spread out the salon visits a bit more. Still desiring to have fly locs, I now have learned how to do home touch-ups. After my home maintenance sessions, my locs do not look salon camera ready, however, they still have that nice groomed appearance.

Here are some loc home maintenance tips and a video on self-locing:

Five Steps to Fab Hair

Now that we know how important the proper dreadlock maintenance routine is to your hair, let's look at the simple steps that you can take today to allow your locks to reach their full potential.
  • Wash: Use a residue-free product to clean your locks. The frequency with which you wash your locks will depend on your lifestyle. If you're more active than most, then you'll need to consider washing your hair more often to reduce the build-up that sweat can produce on your scalp. If you're less active, your dreadlock maintenance routine shouldn't have to include washing your hair more than weekly.
  • Tone: This is an often skipped part of everyone's hair care routine, whether we're talking about dreadlock maintenance or any another hair style. Unfortunate to say the least, because toning (or gently messaging your scalp) for a few minutes not only feels great but helps release natural oils from your sebaceous glands. It also helps reduce dry scalp issues.
  • Condition: Much debated in the dreadlocks community, conditioning your hair restores your locks from the root and can correct surface damage. If you are really worried about conditioner prolonging the locking process or undoing your locks, then only use it on tips.
  • Groom: There are a few ways to groom your locks in order to promote the locking process with the hair closest to the roots. You can latch-hook, palm roll or root rub. Or you can let nature take its course and use the freeform technique.
  • Style: This is the part that everyone loves about dreads. The hair style is so full of character that they look great even when you do nothing.  source