About HGP


We’re an online journal of politics and foreign affair analysis. For the most part, our views are progressive and liberal. However, we are not myopic, hence, we recognize a good idea is a good idea whether it's conservative, liberal, or libertarian. We aim to have informed, polite conversation about the issues which we find interesting.

In the most basic definition, Politics is about who gets what. It's about who gets the jobs, tax breaks, contracts, funding, pet projects, etc. It's about allocation of our country's wealth, resources and military.

Politics rewards the most organized and committed; and, it harshly punishes the disorganized and disengaged. The mission of Harvey's Global Politics (HGP) is to decode, organize and inform our readers about relevant local, state, national and international issues that impact our lives.

We want our community to become more proactively involved in setting the political agenda instead of being relegated to the role of side-line critic or worse, apathetic indifference.

Since we recognize there is power in numbers, we want to link and network with other web sites that share our mission.

So we invite you to participate in the conversation by: reading, writing, blogging, sharing video/pod casts with us. Remember, information is power.