Quite often I am asked, where do I get my information and what books do I recommend to read. As I often state, education is the key to emancipation, thus being said the following is must read booklist:

1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X - As told to Alex Haley
2. The Mis-Education of The Negro - by Dr. Carter G Woodson
3. The Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
4. I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings - Maya Angelou
5. The Nile Valley Contribution To Civilization - Anthony Browder
6. The Songs of Solomon - Toni Morrison
7. Go Tell It On The Mountain - James Baldwin
8. Introduction To Black Studies - Maulana Karenga
9. The Distruction of Black Civilization - Chancellor Williams
10. When Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe
11. They Came Before Columbus - Ivan Van Sertima
12. Stolen Legacy - George G. M. James
13. Native Son - Richard Wright
14. Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys - Jawanza Kunjufu
15. Anything written by Chiek Anta Diop