Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yankees and Cards win: A-Rod is benched

"I'm still getting paid"
I must admit, I am a casual baseball fan. For the most part, I am mostly indifferent to the marathon 162 game  regular season. But come October --similar to the original Mr. October AKA Reggie Jackson -- my passion for the game heats up.

DC Nats give up four 9th inning runs and lose to the Cards 9-7 

My heart sank last night as my second favorite team (remember I am a die-hard fan of all Philly teams) the Washington Nationals had an epic meltdown in their first post-season appearance. The Nats were only one strike away from advancing to the NL Championship playoff series before losing to the resilient St. Louis Cardinals.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ryan asked for federal help as he championed cuts

This particular exchange between Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan (watch the video) underscores the dishonesty, political opportunism and hypocrisy of the Republican party:

Ryan asked for Stimulus cash then lied about doing so.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today's Must Read:Why the Obscenely Wealthy Whine When They Have It So Good

This article appeared in the AlterNet.

Romney's 47 percent flip-flop can't hide the fact that rich conservatives perceive themselves as victims

So, Mitt Romney now tells Sean Hannity he was “completely wrong” about the 47 percent.  On the surface that looks like a typical etch-a-sketch campaign pivot. But I think there is more to it than a little clean up in aisle three.
My theory is that after careful research and analysis,  the smartest guys at 1 percent World Headquarters reached a disturbing conclusion. They decided that the whole fiasco needs to be contained as much as possible because it has the potential for serious damage well beyond the November election.
How? Let’s see.
First,  the setting.  This is how they think and talk among themselves.  It’s not just at fundraisers,  but in their churches,  country clubs and board rooms as well.  Their servants hear them all the time.  But they can’t tell for fear of being easily dismissed.  Thanks to YouTube we now get to see and hear for ourselves.
Yes, they really do believe there is something wrong with the people.  What is it?  It’s that our default preference is to be lazy moochers.  As employers this is definitely how they think about us as workers.  This is why there are entire schools devoted to “management”.  We also hear a lot about their true worldview any time we start to talk about forming a union.
The roots of this mindset run very deep.  Did the job creator plantation owners ever want to consider there was anything wrong with the slavery system? Of course not. But they were very eager to talk about all the things that were wrong with the slaves.
That legacy is very much with us  They still don’t want anyone to think there is anything wrong with the system.

Axelrod: GOP had a 'diabolical' strategy to oppose Obama

Once again, when our country was staring into the economic abyss -- even the most conservative economist feared an economic collapse/melt-down that would dwarf the Great Depression -- the country overwhelmingly elected candidate Barack Obama.

His mandate: Fix the economy and save our country from economic ruin. 

Candidate Obama promised not only to restore our economy, he promised to usher in a new era of post-partisan politics. As he frequently campaigned: There are no red states or blue state, there is only the United States.

I have no doubt that Obama meant what he said and intended to govern bi-partisan. However, the GOP leadership and their big money sugar daddies (billionaire Koch brothers and Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch) had other plans: