Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The fight for black men goes beyond justice for Trayvon Martin

The fight for the black male soul
I feel deep sorrow for the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin. I feel for his family. I have nothing but contempt for the cruel and reckless actions of  George Zimmerman: he should pay a stiff penalty for his crime.

But I fail to understand how Trayvon's killing galvanized our community to action from top to bottom -- the protests, the speeches, the rallies, the demonstrations and the Al Sharptons -- yet, the thousands of black on black shootings and murders every day, every week and every year fail to move the needle.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Africa and the American press

The American corporate press is both lazy and under-performing. My theory: A dumbed down American public is easier to manipulate and control. This press relies on sensational, trending and inconsequential stories:

Breaking News Justin Bieber snubbed again. News at five.

Our press reports on politics as a WWE sport. We have Fox vs MSNBC and the daily clueless shouting talking heads