Saturday, August 10, 2013

Santorum: "Liberals make it uncomfortable to shower at the YMCA"

No fun at the Y
The GOP top hit maker, Rick Santorum,  continues to top the charts again with his wacky take on issues. Santorum, as you may remember, experienced a political revival during his 2011-2012 GOP primary run for president.

He held his own in the buffoonery clown show that included: Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, Ron Paul and eventual nominee Mitt Romney.

Santorum's Top Hits:

Santorum criticized President Obama for promoting higher education.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ebony: We are TRAYVON

You remember how far-right talking heads warned:

There will be riots in the streets of all major cities if George Zimmerman is found innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin. Angry black mobs will burn, loot and cause urban mayhem.

Never happened. Outside a few isolated incidents, wonton violence did not erupt in the black community. Anger? Yes. Outrage? Of course. Riots? Not this time. This time the cause and effect was more complex and introspective.

Not to compare apples and oranges -- and this point is still lost on the zombie (and predictable) right-wing talking heads -- Trayvon Martin receiving justice in our court system has no correlation to the extremely high and unacceptable black youth on black youth gun violence.

The right-wing noise machine, instead of honestly evaluating the misuse of deadly force by George Zimmerman -- the force that left an unarmed teenager dead -- employ a cheap debate tactic: change the subject from Zimmerman to urban violence.

The goal?

Have the court of public opinion declare: How can black folks raise hay about Trayvon when thousands of black young males kill other black males every single day?

The far-right miscalculation.

Mass post court decision violence did not occur for the exact same reason FOX nation cited black folks should not be outraged by Trayvon's murder. The community is just as appalled by senseless violence between Ray-Ray and Jamarcus. The community movement is about Trayvon and more. The mission is about saving our boys, brothers, and sons from gun violence.

The Martin miscarriage of justice has served as a watershed moment to re-energize the black community in the fight against root causes of gun violence: poverty, mis-education, lack of hope and opportunity and societal bias.

Ebony magazine has dedicated the September 2013 issue to Trayvon Martin and the movement to save our sons.

We are all Trayvon Martin here at The Greg Street Show!

And Ebony Magazine has dedicated it’s September issue to the slain teen and his family. You can see his mother (Sybrina Fulton), father (Tracy Martin), and older brother (Jharvis Martin) on the front, but that’s not it.

There are three additional electrifying covers that feature celebrity dads  Dwyane Wade, Boris Kodjoe, and Spike Lee with their sons.

The editors said they were inspired by the hurt that ran through the black community after the “Not Guilty” was delivered. So they have taken time in this issue to explore solutions for how to heal and move forward.

It’s time to take our community back and save our sons! source

And very predictably, the right-wing talking heads have already cried: Reverse Racism!  Go figure or not.

Monday, August 5, 2013

White Men Can't Jump – But, Boy, Can They Wince by Josh


Riley Cooper: In the dog house
Editor's Note: The following post was submitted by one of HGP's readers. The views expressed are the authors. As expressed previously, we here at HGP welcome all respectful views. No one has a monopoly on truth, hence, respectful dialogue is healthy.

This particular post is on the topic of Philadelphia Eagle Riley Cooper and his use of nigger. The author's perspective is that of a white man that struggles (my opinion) with the double standard applied to the word based on race. 
A criminal offense is not usually judged based on the level of emotional grievance felt by the victim(s). That is typically saved for sentencing or in civil cases – emotional distress, pain and suffering. But we as a society have long attempted to change that by attaching special classifications to crimes, so that even the initial charge takes into account a victim's mental anguish.

It is a horrendously gross thing to physically harm someone. A man assaulting another man is liable for his actions, subject to charges such as assault and battery and malicious wounding. However, if the man in question is a different race, religion or a different sexual orientation than his victim, that man, committing the same crime, may be subject to a much harsher punishment due to the “hate crime” category.