Friday, December 5, 2014

America Back to work: More Jobs and Higher Wages: U.S. Recovery Starts to Hit Home

No selective amnesia or short term memory here, hence, I vividly recall the palpable desperation in the air as #44 placed his hand on Abe's bible and took the presidential oath of office.

I can't forget:

The Dow Jones was in a free fall, banks and lending institutions collapsing in debt, unemployment approaching depression like numbers, the American auto industry on the brink of shutting down all operations, the housing market deep under water.

The weight of the catastrophic Cheney/Bush co-presidency -- two wars fought on the credit card, lobbyist writing laws on the congressional hallowed floors, Reaganomics on steroids (rob the poor and give to the rich), energy policy developed by Enron, token response to one of the worst natural disasters in USA history (Hurricane Katrina) and the list goes on and on -- had just about broken the spirit of our country.

And no thanks to our do nothing congress, the USA economy continues to resiliently and now at bit more robustly recover under the stewardship of #44 (thank you sir):

After more than five years of elusive gains, ordinary Americans may finally be about to see the benefits of the recovery where it really counts: in their pocketbooks and wallets.
The Labor Department reported Friday that employers added 321,000 jobs in November — a much stronger number than expected — but perhaps even more significant was the biggest gain in average hourly earnings since June 2013.
Hourly earnings rose by 0.4 percent in November, double what economists had been expecting. That gain in hourly pay was significantly above the measly 0.1 percent increase in October, let alone the unchanged number in September. At the same time, the number of hours worked ticked up by one-tenth, adding to pay envelopes.

“The pairing of strong hiring and wage gains is a really strong indicator of the health of the economy,” said Tara Sinclair, chief economist at, a leading job search website. “Now, we want to see people coming back into the work force and also finding the right jobs for them in terms of wages, skills, and hours.”  read entire story

Now let's pray the mid-term elected GOP majority in the house and senate don't screw things up again.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cop plants drugs on African American business establishment

You may humorously recall the Dave Chappelle's comedy bit on sprinkling a little crack cocaine on a so-called black suspect to frame him/her as a guilty drug dealing criminal.

Well this video is proof of art imitating life or is it life imitating art (if the true criminal planting crack stole his idea from Chappelle).

Chris Rock on American Race Relationship

Chris Rock in his own words:

When we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it's all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they're not as crazy.

To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before…

Pastor refuses to bury 93 year old long-time member over lack of tithes

Rev Houston: "Ya gotta pay to pray"
After reading the below appalling story, I thought it was another fabricated satire story by some Onion like media website. However, after verifying the validity of the report, I was disgusted beyond belief:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Putin's Russian economy nightmare

Remember, in the not so long ago past, how GOP leaders and cheerleaders were tooting Russian President Vladimir Putin's horn?

Putin was showered with unconditional praise for (in their opinion) outmaneuvering and outsmarting President Obama on the world stage.

And with Obama hate so acute, our Republican brethren decided to give a big ole political bear hug to a former KGB agent/leader; a man who despises the west and has visions of rebuilding the former Soviet Union empire.