Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows

After Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown voted to end the GOP filibuster on the Job's bill in the senate, one has to wonder, is President Obama, strategically speaking, in a better position with moderate Republicans than with liberal Democrats?

First, with a super majority the Dems have to take all the responsibility for governing - the good, bad and ugly.

Second, with a few more moderate Republicans, this would create an environment for more bipartisanship. Remember, if the Republicans gain more seats it will most likely be in swing districts, hence, they would be apt to be more centrist than right-wing.

Third, a stronger presence of moderate Republicans would probably quell the extreme demands from the most liberal wing of the Dems.

Once again, Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows.

Do you think Obama, Inc. has already surveyed this truism?

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