Friday, February 26, 2010

Recession & Republicans...Peanut Butter & Jelly

I truly marvel at how conservative Republicans rant on and on about fiscal restraint - especially when out of power. They convince their base that Democratic economic policies hinder our economy and are nothing but entitlement handouts - which is code speak for they help minorities.

As a matter of fact, by now, their script is pretty predictable: Run to a conservative think tank; create a political manifesto - ala, Contract For America (what happen to term limits?); sell the American public on the virtues of conservatism.

Conservatism In Practice

Upon scanning the List of Recessions by, I confirmed what I suspected, since 1969 all of the major recessions in USA have occurred under Republican presidents.

And let's not forget our country's greatest economic catastrophe, The Great Depression, happened under the Republican economic policies of the late 1920's.

And for those that buy conservative - economic restraint - rhetoric, let us review the biggest economic and political scandals of the last 100 years:

Roll the Credits

1. Teapot Dome 1921 - avowed conservative, Warren G Harding.

2. Stock Market Crash 1929 - conservative, Herbert Hoover.

3. Watergate - conservative, Richard Nixon.

4. Irangate, Junk bond scandal, Stock Market Crash 1987 - iconic conservative, Ronald Reagan.

5. Savings and Loan corruption - conservative, George H. Bush.

6. Mortgage Scandal 2007 - conservative, George W. Bush.

The pattern: Republican conservative bait and switch, they preach one thing and practice another.

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