Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post Racism Age

The great pithy one, Bill O'Reilly, was booed at Al Sharpton's convention the other week, for suggesting that racism is no longer a factor in our society and African-Americans need to shut up and stop whining or playing the race card.

My question: Is he right?

My answer: Yes and no.

First, I say resoundingly, Hell No Bill.

Just review the content of your own Fix News. Your station subtly and overtly panders to the racism of so-called middle-American viewers. On record, in the last few weeks we have two southern governors issue positive proclamations about celebrating Confederate month.

During the health care vote, angry mobs of Tea Baggers shouted racial epitaphs at black legislators. Last week, in Los Angeles, a white-supremacy group held an anti-immigration rally.

Finally the obvious, just listen to five minutes of Rush Windbag's high rated daily dose of hate radio and you tell me with a straight face race does not matter!

But, Bill I agree with you about this: Race is still a major hurdle, but it is not and should not be an insurmountable obstacle to the economic, social, and educational success of African-Americans.

I say this because, racism does not stop us from being a good parents, reviewing our children's homework, visiting our children's school.

Racism does not force parents to curse and act ignorant in front of our youth, Racism does not make us trash our own community.

Racism does not force us to exalt material things over spiritual things. Racism does not force us to diss and not respect and cherish our women, mothers, sisters and daughters.

In plain words, the existence of racism does not mean we can not invest in our community!

Rest In Peace: Dorthy Heights and Benjamin Hooks - Two stalwart and outstanding warriors for human rights for all people. Thank you!

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