Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drill Baby, Drill Baby

In the midst of a major oil spill in the gulf, what is the reaction from Sarah Palin, Tea Baggers, Glen Beck and the other Fix News members?


Yes, silence, the same as during the Cheney/Bush years (yes, Cheney/Bush) when our economic surplus was squandered, plunging our country into a historic recession.

And once again, as the devastation from BP's Deepwater Horizon oil diaster wrecks enormous ecological havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, not a scintilla of outrage. No rallies. No blustery Town Hall meetings. No marches in the street. No name calling. Nada!

And once again, Cheney's Halliburton (they were contracted to build the oil drilling rig) - the non-bid government contractor that admitted to overcharging American taxpayers billions of dollars - is smack dab in the middle of another enormous sandal.

This clean up will ultimately cost American taxpayers billions of dollars. However, the so-called tax conscious Tea Bagger's silence, is exactly what delegitimizes their contrived movement. It displays their selective outrage. The only times they seemed to be outraged and demand accountability is when Democrats are in control of government or when a republican (no matter how conservative his/her voting record is), legislatively reaches out to the other party.

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