Friday, August 13, 2010

Pick Your Battle

This is a follow up to my NAACP V Teabagger's post.

The older I get, the more events seem to confirm my philosophy regarding race and racism.

I fervently believe racism (or some other type of ism) will be with us to the end of time. For that stated reason, I believe the NAACP, and us in the African-American community, are faced with the reality of which front should we invest most of our resources:

A. Fighting racism legally, socially, and politically whenever it raises its ugly head.


B. Improving education in our schools, addressing criminal/dysfunctional behavior within our community, and providing support (non-government) for families in crisis.

Obviously, for me, this is a rhetorical exercise; because I strongly believe instead of focusing on ending racism, we should focus more of our resources on not being victims of racism (there is a difference).

And surprise, surprise, when our community is strengthen one enormous by-product will emerge - many non-black people will discover, it's no longer in their best interest to be racist.

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