Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Miseducation of Sarah Palin

Sometimes a verbal gaffe is just a verbal gaffe - a slip of a tongue misstatement we all make from time to time. But other times, when someone has a voluminous gaffe body of work, a verbal gaffe is a concrete indicator of cognitive shortcomings.

Sarah Palin falls into the latter category. In her over zealous attempt to criticize President Obama's response to North Korea's overtly aggressive attacks against our South Korean ally, she commits yet another verbal snafu that starkly reveal her incompetence. This time she implies, in her condescending snarky tone, that Obama is not standing resolutely enough with our North Korean ally.

This is the same person who mocked Obama's usage of a teleprompter while reading notes scribbled on the palm of her hand.

If this was only a Saturday Night Live Tina Fey parody of Palin it would be hilarious. But this is serious, because (for reasons beyond my grasp) she is in the conversation for either running for president or being a kingmaker in the 2012 election.

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