Friday, December 24, 2010

The Miracle on Wall Street

In the celebratory aftermath of President Obama's stunning year-end legislation victories, one untold (or under-told) story has starkly and vividly emerged. The story:

Without a shred of equivocation the Republican party demonstrated to whom they are solely beholden to - the super rich.

They (GOP) were willing to obstruct, hold hostage or kill legislation that was hugely popular and necessary unless the super-rich got even more super-rich.

Case in Point:

Middle class tax relief, not until Mr. Wall Street go his cut;
Health Care for 911 First Responders, not until Mr. Rupert "FOXY NEWS" Murdoch got more billions;
Food Safety for American families, not until Mr. Bank Of America receives more of our tax dollars.

Other than the Obama Christmas Miracle, we continue to have, the Republican party miracle, how despite their actions, they are able to sell themselves to middle America as the party of Patriotism

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