Friday, June 3, 2011

GOP Fat Cats to Middle America: Let Them Eat Cake

The May Economy Report:

The May jobs report is a disaster -- the weakest reading since September. The recovery has stalled.

Many economists blame the slowdown on a witches brew of temporary woes that hit the economy in this quarter.

Higher gasoline prices have cut consumer spending, analysts said. A lack of key parts from Japan due to the earthquake has had a negative impact on output. At the same time, deadly storms have ripped though many regions of the country, especially the Southeastern states.

GOP response to obscenely high gas prices - continue the billions and billions of oil company tax subsidies dollars - yes, corporate welfare must continue.

GOP response to Job creation - Just say no to more stimulus and yes to more tax breaks for the wealthy 2%.

GOP response to a middle-class agenda - Just say no and call it a radical socialist agenda.

GOP reaction to Medicare - Just say no. The GOP congress voted affirmative for a medicare plan that even ultra-conservative Newt Gingrich called
right wing social engineering

GOP governors' state budgets: Cut school budgets but give the wealthty school voucher tax breaks, cut police department budgets, cut collective bargaining and more tax breaks for the wealthy top 2%.

And while making cuts, New Jersey's - balance the budget on the backs of the middle-class and poor while giving more money to the uber rich - Gov. Christie boarded a state police helicopter to get to his son’s high-school baseball game, leaving New Jersey with a $2,500 bill (he reimbursed the state after the outcry).

All in All:

The GOP's reponse to the poor and middle-class reminds me of another aristocratic and out of touch leader, French Queen Marie Antoinette. When responding to the needs of the poor, she is attributed the oblivious utterance:

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche
Well let them eat cake.

This is the only menu the GOP has intended for us.

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