Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Have Survived Cell Phonelessness

I am without cell phone.

I am off-line and unable to reach out and touch somebody. I have not uttered,
can you hear me now
you are breaking up
for some time. Neither have I texted a message in almost a week.

And how do I feel?

Strangely, I feel liberated. Being unburdened by the demanding beck and call of a phone vibrating or playing some annoying tune (it was catchy the first 200 calls) 24/7 is blissfully serene.

Don't get me wrong, my initial response was panic. I tried to chase down and yell down the rental car I exited - but to no avail, my car-pool mate left me in a dust not noticing my frantic arm waving gestures.

After 24 hours of cell phone withdraw, I became consumed with an eerie tranquility. And when via e-mail communication (I'm not 100% digital free), I confirmed that my phone was safe and secure, I decided that I am not in a rush to retrieve it.

Of course, my cell and I will be reunited sooner rather than later; yet in still, I feel empowered by the knowledge that I can live a quality life absent my ubiquitous companion. And I feel a sense of superiority to all those cell phone slaves I see yammering on this communication devise as if their life depends on it.

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