Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dick Cheney's Book Is Less Memoir Than Fiction

You may have noticed, I didn't review or comment on Darth Vader's book. No intentional ommission, I just don't do fiction.

Now if Dick had written a book titled,Dick Cheney, Confessions of a War Criminal, I would have reviewed and commented on such an aptly titled and tragic memoir.

And to my black conservative friends - Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steele et al - see how fast the GOP leadership threw you under the bus after you served your purpose.

Specifically speaking, Dr. Rice and General Powell, notice how W has conspicuously not defended your service to the our country by repudiating Mr. Vader.

And not to forget our black conservative du jour:

Mr. Cain, I am sure you feel you are amongst friends at ya lil Tea Party soiree...but after all is said and done... well enuff said, I have a feeling you already know your place.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Finally, what are Dick's motives for setting the record straight?

He doesn't want to go to jail for his war crimes - even his daughter, Liz Cheney has acknowledged that he fears (justifiably so) being charged for war crimes.


  1. Hmmm. Shows how much I know. I thought that D-ick Cheney WAS a fictional character. I thought that he was the invisible president that the simpleton George Bush deferred to for leadership advice. OOP's!! My Bad.

    Speaking of fiction. President Cain. Now that is classic fiction.

    I kind of like Powell and Rice. If you have Republicans in office, you need moderates in the mix to keep them balanced. Powell supported Obama just as Jeff did. I guess you can call that a 'flash of genius'. lol!!

    Cheney is not only a fictional character, but he is also a delussional one. He said recently that water boarding wasn't torture and was necessary in the interrogation of terrorist. Then he said it wasn't the same thing if they did it to us. I heard that he doesn't have a pulse because of his implant. Maybe his kidneys will fail and he can have a fictional funeral.

  2. benjamin.....Good post. D*** Cheney is NOT a nice person. I knew that during the 2004 election when it came out that Mr. Vader had NOT voted in the last 5 federal elections. The reson Vader gave was so lame and insulting, he was "too busy".

    You are unfair to Dr. Rice and Colin Powell, They are very smart and they know how to handle Vader. So there was infighting in the W. administration, there always is. Dr. Rice and Gen. Powell can take care of themselves.

    Mr. Cain seems like a nice, very successful man, no need too insult him. Will he be our next President - NO, but he seems like a nice man, unlike Vader who is the Devil with a bad ticker.

  3. @Jeff...Thank u for comments. However, you are incorrect about Powell and Rice - I am not critical of them, I am critical of those that exploited their talents when convenient and jettisoned them when their usage was no longer necessary. (think the Sean Hannity/Rush/Cheney crowd - Rush even called Powell a racist lmao)

    As far as Herman Cain - that's another story. Now granted, politics is a big-boy/girl sports - there's no crying in politics - but Senior Cain has crossed the line when because of policy differences, he shrills, impeach the president. This is absurd and deserves my wrath. Nothing is wrong with having differences in political opinion - this makes a democracy healthy; but when you raise the temperature so high just for attention, this is inexcusable.

  4. @Ron...I am indeed a fan of both Powell and Rice - two very accomplished people. In the case of Powell, he served the country on the battle field while Cheney sought out deferment after deferment. Seems sadly ironic how the hard right feels wrath for the war hero and love for Dr. Strangelove aka Cheney.