Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rage Against Wall Street - Spring time in America?

In the Middle-East and Northern Africa, the Arab spring led to the uprising against entrenched and oppressive tyrants.

Tired of abusive leaders who have stood in the way of freedom and democracy, the people took to the street to say, enough is enough.

Could the American spring be next?

With the rising income gap between the haves and have nots at an all time high; with unacceptable high unemployment; with a disappearing middle-class; with a corporate owned congress more concerned about lobbyist than the American economic crisis; and with multi-national corporations and Wall Street raking in record breaking profits as the people suffer - yes, an American spring can very well happen.

Matter of fact, rage against Wall Street may be the opening act...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Protesters complaining about the power of the financial industry staged noisy demonstrations that slowed pedestrian traffic on Wall Street for a third day on Monday, vowing to continue "for as long as it takes" to achieve vague demands.

Police reported eight arrests -- two for attempting to enter a Bank of America office on Saturday, when larger crowds amassed for a protest billed as a "Day of Rage," and six more on Monday. At least four on Monday were held for wearing masks, which is illegal for groups of two or more, police said.

"The elite corporate power have hijacked democracy," said Alexander Penley, an international lawyer from New York. "The economic depression we are experiencing today has something to do with how Wall Street is run."
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  1. Nice blog, dont always agree but its a daily read. This particular post is 100% correct, the natives r restless and want answers. Wall street got bail out and they never looked back.

    They want profits private and their losses absorbed by the American peeps.

  2. You say:
    "Matter of fact, rage against Wall Street may be the opening act..."

    This is long overdo, the thug right wing nut jobs call it class war. I say its self-defense.