Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terrell Owens is in tears over some financial issues: "I Just Don't Get It"

I am and will always be a huge Philadelphia Eagle fan (read my profile).

As a fan, I must say, Terrell Owen's first season as an Eagle (2004) was magic in a bottle - we're talking Super Bowl.

TO's second season was toxic.

Not able to reign in his self-destructive tendencies, he imploded. Who can forget the TO vs. Donavon McNabb reality show that prematurely ended his Eagle career?

Between the hash marks, TO gets it:

TO as a football player is as dynamic as they come - arguably after Jerry Rice, TO is the greatest wide-receiver to ever play the game - the numbers don't lie.

As a matter of fact, TO was on pace to break most of Rice's records.

But TO's problem is TO.

TO has an infectious and charismatic personality and you want to cheer for him to win - but like he says, with tears, at the end of the video: I just don't get it.

If TO got it, he would have multiple Super Bowl rings (as an Eagle of course), multi-million dollar contract and commercial endorsements out the ying yang.

But since he doesn't get it, he got tears.

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