Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Mike Vick takes more hits - by Greg Garrison

Michael Vick:

I’m on the ground constantly. All the time. Every time I throw the ball, in all my highlights and just watching film in general, every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground, getting hit in the head, and I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flags like everybody else does.

The Fall-out:

Michael Vick got hit just as hard off the field Sunday against the Giants as on the field due to his words/stance on the unfair share hits he has taken. The talking heads are saying, Vick is a whiner. The New York Post mocked Vick (and a Philly staple) with a back page cover stating, Whine and Chessesteak.

According to Mike Pereira, former vice president of officiating for the NFL and now FOX’s NFL rules analyst:

….Vick’s assertion that he doesn’t get the roughing the passer calls that other quarterbacks get is a bunch of bull and …the Eagles historically complain more than any other team about their quarterbacks getting roughed up and not getting calls from officials. It actually took me back to my job in New York when I worked for the league, and it was a constant complaint by the Eagles, whether it was [Donovan] McNabb at quarterback or whether it was Vick…they clearly complained more than any other team. source


Statistically, Vick is the most protected quarterback in the NFC east and possibly the league (say whut?).

Here's the stubborn facts:

“Hits on Vick have drawn four flags since 2010, more than any other NFC East team; in 2011, Vick's dropback-to-roughing the passer penalty ratio is two percent, well above the 0.6 league average”. source

Wow, ex-top NFL referee and worldwide leader in sport's position carries merit .

Of course, Vick supporters can simply counter, “shouldn’t he get more roughing calls since he operates one of the most pass happy teams in the league?” And, that there is the outside chance that he was not getting the calls due to his color or maybe, just maybe, because his dog drama.

Let’s get it right people:

Michael Vick is not getting the flag protection the he deserves due to something no one has pointed out:

Vick is a passer who throws to his receiver(s) coming out of the break as opposed to anticipating their break (think Peyton Manning and Tom Brady). By holding the ball longer than other QB’s, defenders have time to close in on him. And this makes Vick more vulnerable to the vicious – but legal - hits he endures.

It’s not color folks - just ask Carolina Panther fans who thought Vick was protected when he played with the Falcons. Nor is it his sins of the past. Referee dog lovers with an axe to grind?

I’m not buying it.

Case close. Complaint dismissed.

Andy Reid, come up with a better system to help your O line better protect Vick.

Editor's Note:
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  1. You say:
    "It’s not color folks - just ask Carolina Panther fans who thought Vick was protected when he played with the Falcons. Nor is it his sins of the past. Referee dog lovers with an axe to grind?"

    I truly believe that Vick doesn't get the calls because he has fallen from grace and is not a "golden boy" and that has nothing to do with race.

    It has been well documented in all sports - especially the NBA - that certain superstars, i.e. Mike Jordan, received preferential treatment by refs.

    In the NFL, QB's are sacred and all fans know they are provided a level of protection that is far and beyond other players. I witness a roughing the passer call against the Eagles when a lineman inadvertently and harmlessly brushed the helmet of Peyton Manning.

    Ironically, the same game, Vick was hit when he was clearly atleast 2 yards out-of-bounds and no flag was thrown.

    So we you talk about stubborn facts, you can not ignore the obvious.

  2. Wah-Wah-Wah..."There's no crying in football"
    My advice to Vick, if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen...go join a tag football league.