Thursday, October 6, 2011

D-Wade to Stern: I am not a child! by Greg Garrison

"Don't point your finger at me! I'm not a child!"

Oh baby, the NBA players were just given a public relations gift by commissioner David Stern's belittling behavior and gesture during the ongoing (boring) Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

Stern addressed the players with a schoolmaster-to-student talk down. He garnished his address with a disrespectful wag-point of his finger to his audience.

Multiple news sources quoted superstar Dwayne Wade's retort: "Don't point your finger at me! I'm not a child!"

The meeting was so heated, afterwards Wade, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony had to be convinced by NBA Union head Billy Hunter to stay in the meeting.

Strategy Time:

Hey, Mr. Hunter and Derek Fisher, Union President, this is the perfect opportunity to get the public on your side and possibly tip the negotiations scale to your favor.

Stern's condescending attitude serves as a prime example of the bullying boss that the average fan can relate to and D-Wade's reaction humanizes the players' struggle.

It's not enough to call yourselves workers(players) who want play but the bosses(owners) will not let you. We don't buy that because we see it - just like NFL's labor dispute - as billionaires(owners) versus millionaires(players). No sympathy here.

But you could shift our attention from this aspect and highlight the little respect owners - as demonstrated by Stern - have for players, in a league dominated by black players (did I just play the race card?).

However, don't make it about race or mention race but have a media blitz to drive home Stern's and the owners' unreasonable disposition.

Have Wade and other superstars go on as many ESPN talk shows and other media outlets driving home the players position:

We (players) genuinely want to negotiate a fair deal for all parties, ensuring a full NBA season for all of our fans. Sadly, we do not have a partner in good faith. Hopefully, fans in their respective cities can let the owners and commissioner hear their disgruntle voices via e-mail, letters and phone calls demanding that the lock-out cease.

Man Rules 101

Finally, Wade cannot be criticized for his out burst because Stern broke one of the grown man rules (i.e spit in face, open hand slap to face, offending a man's children, mother or wife--you get the picture).

But D-Wade, now show your maturity, professionalism and media savvy, by telling the players' story.

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