Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fondness for the Bush/Cheney Days???

Last week, I read online comments regarding Dick Cheney and his BS fictional account of the Bush/Cheney White House.

This particular commenter - equipped with an University of FOX News mis-education - stated:
Say what you libertards want about Bush/Cheney, but I sure miss the $2.29 gas, growing economy and 5% unemployment of the Bush era.

I immediately recalled how leading up to the Iraqi War, FOX was successful, via propaganda, in morphing Osama Bin Laden into Saddam Hussein - without a shred of valid evidence.

And Abra Kadabra, the Iarqi War via Donald Rumsfeld's Shock and Awe was launched.

And now the switcheroo is on again and the minions on the right-wing are buying without bewaring.

The historic economic debacle that hit us like a tsunami during the Bush/Cheney era is being blamed, by our friends with selective amnesia, on President Obama.

To set the record straight:

To the commenter, no my ruefully - and sometimes purposely - ignorant friend, two dollar gas and 5% unemployment is how W found the economy.

But by the time W jetted back to his cowboy ranch, we had almost five dollar a gallon gas, double digit unemployment, record deficits, shrinking revenue, two wars costing trillions of dollars (and they were off the books...whatever that means), soaring foreclosures, plunging Dow, and an unregulated Wall Street (think derivatives market) run amok.


Oh, one last thing, he left a do nothing but obstruct GOP party; and their mission in life is to sabotage everything Obama - no matter how much it hurts our economy.

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