Friday, October 28, 2011

Health & Fitness with Dee Dee Patt - My Baby Step Plan

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In My Prayers Today:

Today I pray for all the lives that are impacted by Drunk drivers. In the last 24 hours I have watched the news on young lives lost to drunk drivers. I pray for all of those families impacted by the loss of their loved ones. I pray for the families of the drivers , and I pray for the drivers out there who are under the influence. Before you have a drink and before your judgment is too impaired …stop and think about the worst case scenario . Call a friend- save a life, Call a cab-safe a life, designate a driver-save a life.

My Day Three - Overwhelmed

I woke up this morning, opened my email and I was instantly overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with emails that required answers, overwhelmed with things I needed to do, overwhelmed with projects for work I had not finished…..While I am at it……..overwhelmed with unfinished business around the house, and overwhelmed with knowing how much weight is still have to lose.

Being overwhelmed can lead to depression, despair and hopelessness and then……. the panic then sets in.

And as my panic sets in, it gets harder to stay focused on the things I need to do. I then, thought about my one year journey and what was to come and a calm came over me. I can make a plan, organize my thoughts but more importantly set some goals for myself.

When it comes to losing weight, where I have failed in the past is setting my target goal too much too fast. I have decided to look at my weight loss from a health perspective and leave my vanity out in the cold.

The Plan:

So as far as my weight loss plan is starting I have decided to replace some bad habits right off the bat. And adding a few good ones in their place. (see below substitutes)

Next, my home. I have so many reasons of why my laundry is washed but not put away, I have so many reasons why my mail is stacked on the coffee table and yes the junk mail of all things is not thrown away. I have so many reasons why my dishwasher is not unloaded. The dishes in there are clean and have been for at least 2 full cycles. ( yes at times I just add dirty dishes to my dishwasher without putting everything away) I have justified this habit by telling myself well they will just get cleaner. By the way, my husband called me out on that trick and all I could do was laugh.

While I am owning up….. On occasion I have had to wash the same load of clothes 3 times because I got so caught up in LIFE that by time I went to dry the clothes they no longer smelled fresh. So I had to rewash the entire load AGAIN. Hmmm

Yes, I use Reasons in place of “excuses” because at that time, they were really the reasons that kept me from being on task. Well now I am working on my plan. Starting small as I am developing my plan and it has really made me feel better already. Why don’t you give it a try. It will be your work in progress as well.

Don’t look at the finances as everything that is owed, don’t look at the house work as the entire house that needs fixed, and don’t look at work as everything project that needs to get done. Think about handling a piece at a time. One bill at a time, One email at a time, one room at a time and one pound at a time.

We live in as world where everything is instant and RIGHT NOW. We want what we want and we want it RIGHT NOW. Try and remember when there were no cell phones, no call waiting no caller ID , no IM no emails and no voice over IP and definitely no 3G/4G . (some of you may be a little too young to remember that time. but we survived)

So, if we can stay away for the I want it right now attitude, we may just be able to save ourselves from disappointment and keep on track.

I have to admit that having a one year plan helped me calm my panic. Since I started Today’s blog I emptied my dishwasher, and put the dishes away and made my dinner plan for my family. Something small to start, but I am feeling a sense of pride.

I pray that if your are feeling overwhelmed, you take a step back and try to plans a few small goals. They can add up in the long road. I’ll end this step in my journey with these thoughts, Don’t hold on to someone else’s negative energy and take it as your own. Don’t hold on to negative energy it serves no purpose and can be quite destructive. You are in my prayers.

Suggestions to myself that I am going to try:

· I am going to try and go the entire week without eating French fries and anything related (chips are included with that) over the past two days every time where I would normally have potatoes with my meal I substituted them with raw carrots. You know what as of DAY 3 I am doing just fine!!! Will check back with you next week.

· At the advice of a coworker, I scheduled the time for my medicine and Blood Sugars. And No matter what I hold myself accountable and take them.

· While reviewing a healthy FB club that I joined (thanks Joann and Peggy) I got some ideas and merged them into my own. Peggy suggested while she is watching TV she jogs in place for the entire show with 10 lb weights. Well I have modified the idea to fit my schedule. Since I do not normally get TV time all to myself I decided to do 20 minutes in the morning while watching TV and 20 minutes after I put my twins to bed. Multitask with your personal life.

1. My Challenge to you is Substitute a bad habit or food with something Healthy. It does not have to a large substitute but something small and manageable.

2. Aim to Go one week without that BAD habit or food. (then Next Challenge add another week)

3. For your medications get a schedule and make it a part of your daily routine.

4. Remember look at challenges a small steps or Building blocks. It will help you from getting overwhelmed.

To join Dee Dee in her one year journey you can contact her on her facebook page or at

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