Friday, October 21, 2011

Jon Stewart: GOP is Whining in the Face of Victory

This is LOL Must See Video, Jon Stewart's take on the demise of Qaddafi.

Included in his hilarious take on the strange and eccentric behavior of Libya's (who knew he had this strange affection for former Secretary of State Condi Rice) notorious dictator, Stewart accurately takes to task the GOP and FOX News hosts who - surprise, surprise - go out their way to not give any credit to President Obama.

As pointed out in Republican Whining in the Face of Victory:

The American cost for the Iraq conflict is at least 4,500 dead U.S. servicemen and women and an expenditure of at least $792 billion. A Brown University study estimates that the total cost of that war will exceed $3 trillion.

In addition, more than 33,000 Americans have been injured; and, according to the Brown report, an estimated 225,000 people (military and civilians) have lost their lives as a result of our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The total U.S. financial cost for those three conflicts is projected by the Brown report to exceed $4.4 trillion.

In contrast, the conflict in Libya lasted six months at the cost of $1.1 billion to American taxpayers. No U.S. combatants have been killed.

Bush had predicted that Iraqi civilians would hail American troops as saviors and flowers would be strewn in their path as they entered Baghdad. Instead, U.S. soldiers and Marines became subjects of roadside bombs and mortar attacks. President Bush himself was greeted on a visit to Iraq by the ultimate Middle East insult: shoes were thrown at him.

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