Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NFL Update: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - by Greg Garrison

The NFL has completed the first quarter (64 games) of the season and we look back at what has transpired thus far:


The Green Bay Packers:

What can I say, Coach Mike McCarthy and the Pack have not skipped a beat from last year championship season. They had 10 key players return from injured reserve that did not play in their victorious Super Bowl.

Their defense is better than last year and Aaron Rogers has elevated his play to the Brady-Manning-Brees elite quarterback level. Rogers is using his whole offensive receiving corps which makes it virtually impossible for opposing teams to focus on shutting down one or two weapons. He connected on 12 different receivers last game. Folks, Rogers is a bad man and the Packers are good.

Finally! is what the Detroit Lions and their fans are saying...

Finally, our top draft choices are evolving into top players/performers in which you can build a successful program.

Former general manager Matt Millen's (back in the broadcast booth, where he belongs) poor draft picks were reflective of a fantasy league draft instead of organization trying to build an on- field winner.

The new Lion's talent:

Quarterback Matt Stafford's ability to hit wide out Calvin "Megatron" Johnson anywhere on the field, a good multi-purpose back in Javid Best and a nasty defense front(Steel Curtain? hey, I'm just saying), anchored by Ndamukong Suh has these young Lions and their fans (a city hit hard by the recession) looking at a good season and beyond.

Finally, the Buffalo Bills are not only good but maybe the feel good team of the year.

The Bills have an underdog quarterback(Ryan Fitzpatrick), nice guy head coach (Chan Gaily) and a no name blue collar defensive that is reflective of their city. The Bills have shown they can overcome huge deficits and play solid football on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes. Their victories over the perennial top tier teams validates their early season success and gives this team and city the hope of ending their 12 year playoff absence.


The 0-3 Miami Dolphins are bad. The 0-4 St. Louis Rams are bad. The 1-4 Philadelphia Eagles are bad:

Need I say more?

Ok, I will.

The Dolphins front office tries to get a new head coach and starting quarterback in the off season, essentially saying we don't want you--thus, this is a team that does not respond to a lame duck coach and a throw away quarterback.

The Rams head coach is a defensive coach with a lack luster defense and an offense with none of the skill positions (quarterback, running back, wide out) excelling.

Philadelphia has won a game but they are performing way below their potential. The Eagles, defensively, couldn't stop a college team and their offensive scheme (once dynamic, now predictable) lacks the players to execute what they want to do (West coast run and shoot).


NFL tackling:…is so bad this year that a public service announcement warning should be shown before every game: "Due to the lack of basic tackling fundamentals, young football players DO NOT attempt these tackling techniques on the field".
Defensive players, please stop trying to get the BIG hit and play fundamental football.

Additionally, the Eagles and Bears offensive lines are uggggly! Cutler and Vick are getting hit or someone is in their face on a majority of the passing plays. Each game seems like the first preseason for each offensive line.

And the ugliest:

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback situation is embarrassing. How can you arguably have the best quarterback in the game not have him nurture a competent back up all these years?

Consequently, Peyton Manning goes down and you have to go get an old, retired and shaky quarterback (Kerry Collins) instead of promoting your third year backup? IN-excusable for an NFL organization not to have a plan in place.

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