Thursday, October 27, 2011

Health & Fitness with Dee Dee Patt

On the behalf of HGP, we welcome our newest blogger Dee Dee Patt. Ms Patt will chronicle her one year journey to achieve optimal Health & Fitness.

Dee Dee and her adorable twins Olivia and Julia. Check out her complete profile above under Health and Fitness.

In her own words:

The Ingredients in me...

Where would you like to be one year from now?
How would you like to be feeling?
What goals would you like to accomplish?
What blessings would you like to receive one year from now or better, how many blessings would you like to be able to pass on?

I am guilty of living in this day and age where I have gotten so caught up in the stresses and sorrows of my life, that I almost let them, not just consume me but take me down.

Think about it is very easy to do, we all see the fabulous life by others, be it on TV the media or the casual people in our lives and we think what are we doing wrong? Not only have I been there but one might say I am there now. Almost down and out. When I went to bed last night I looked in the face of my toddler twins (see pic above) and realized, I can make me better again.

So today I made a pivotal decision I am going to take a one year journey and get back to the Me I was made to be. Take a look at the ingredients in me and mix them with the ingredients to become a better version of me.

No more self destruction nor self pity. I want to think ahead in a positive new direction and I would like you to go there as well.

I will start each Blog with the prayers for others that are in need, then updates on steps I have taken or setbacks may have encountered, or solutions I have come across.

There is help out there for all of us if we just start with taking a closer look at the ingredients inside of Us. Learn about resources that can assist you and learn how to utilize those resources. If health issues are a challenge, learn what you can do to improve your health issues.

If it is Chronic pain, find out what foods, exercises and treatments that can benefit you. If you face an addiction or an obsession, You are the ONLY one who can say, I am getting help today.

If your relationships are not healthy ones take a look inside and try and understand what you need to do to leave it behind or make it work. If it is self hatred or hatred of others We can choose to keep the same negative cycle going or we can do something about. Stop the negative cycle and create a positive Journey

I will occasionally share a side bar story of how I received an blessing. And I will end each Blog with a prayer for you and the challenges you are facing.

Walk with me on my journey - we will begin with baby steps.

One Final note about me, I am not fabulous Nor famous, I am just someone who believes in prayer and believes that one by one we can make a difference.


Next post: My challenges/health issues, my goals & my one year plan.


  1. Wow! I am really looking forward to traveling this journey with you. I feel encouraged and uplifted already.

    Thank You...


  2. I am soooo proud of the courage you be able to look unblinking in the mirror and to proactively take charge of your life is commendable.

    One note: You are already fabulous - never undersell yourself.

  3. Welcome aboard Deb! I look forward to following you and participating with you.