Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dee Dee's Journal - Health & Fitness

As I previously stated I will always start my Blogs with a prayer for a person or a group of people, that have no relation to me. It is my way of helping a situation from afar and exercising my strong beliefs in the power of prayer. I challenge you to do the same.

Today’s prayers are for the innocent children that have been victimized and abused. I pray that they are healed and comforted and get the all the assistance they will need in the days to come.

Next on to my one year journey.

As I think about the daily, weekly and monthly goals I have envisioned for myself, I am forced to also look at all the obstacles and challenges that are in my way. Then, I remind myself:

“Dee, take it step by step Peace by Piece”

My next thought was what’s holding me back the most or standing in my way……… And to my surprise it is a Well Known Buzz phrase called “MULTI TASKING”. Think about today we are expected to Multi task in every aspect of our lives. We are so conditioned to always be working and doing many things at once . I have caught myself on my cell phone on a conference call, on my landline with my bank, all while trying to cook dinner for the twins……. No wonder why I have opened my refrigerator and found the remote to the TV in with my fruits and vegetables.

To reiterate, I remind myself to take my Journey one task at a time. One day at a time . When I am exercising, just focus on exercising , no worrying about work, household chores , or whose posting on facebook.

So, today I decided to lay out a plan of what I would like to achieve over the next week and here is my plan.

  • Outline the times I am going to take all of my medicines

  • Outline how many hours over the next seven days I plan to work out and literally write them down in 30 min time frames and cross them off as I complete them.

  • Outline time where I can teach myself how to relax. Surprisingly enough, I really do not know how to truly relax (really think about the things I truly enjoy doing that does not add stress to my life.)

  • Two common terms you may hear over and over again on my one year journey are planning and outlining. These terms see so simple yet when it comes to getting ourselves together they are often overlook.

    Think about it we can plan and outline for our jobs , for our schools and for other people , that we neglect planning for ourselves and in our personal lives.

    Some ideas for you Get a notebook and or Journal and hold yourself accountable to yourself. Take 15 minutes at some time during the day ( morning, lunch or before you go to bed) and write out the different parts of your life that you need to work on . My Notebook is divided into 4 sections My medical health, my physical health, my mental health and my financial health.

    Medical health, Doctors appointments, check-ups , medicines and reminders to check my sugars for my Diabetes
    Physical health Ideas that I can use to get my work outs and a schedule of exercising
    Mental health things that I can do that help me relax ( such as writing my Blog)
    And financial health ……The hard truth about how in these tough times can make it all work out.

    Your challenge this week, should you choose to join me on this journey is Plan and Outline what you would like to work on this week, Get a note book or journal and begin your journey. As always I end my Blog with a prayer for you and any issues that you may be going through. You are not alone.
    Take care
    Dee Dee

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