Thursday, November 3, 2011

Father & Daughter Share a Magical Wedding Dance

I just had to share this most beautiful family moment. Here's a shout out to all the Dad's out there who are handling their business!

Family Reunion - performed by The O'Jays - written by Gamble/Huff

You know the family is the solution to the world's problems today
Now let's take a look at the family
In the family the father is like the head, the leader, the director
Not domineering, but showing love, guidance
For everyone else in the family
Now if we could get all the fathers of the world
To stand up and be fathers
That would be great

Then we have mothers
Who are the right arm of the father
There's supposed to-to-to do the cooking
Raise the children, do the sewing
And help the father to guide and direct
Then there's the son
The son, most sons are like imitators of their father
So we're back again to the father
And he is guiding in the right way
The son is definitely gonna be alright
Then we have the daughter
Watching her mother
Be-because sooner or later she's gonna be a mother
And she'll have her own sons and daughters
It don't, it don't just stop there with the family or
Of-of yours or mine
It's a universal family
Under one divine purpose
And one divine father
That is if we all come together no matter what color, race, creed
Because that's all in the head whether you wanna believe it or not
'Cause you'll bleed

Family, family reunion
It'll be nice, so nice, so nice


  1. Thanks HGP...that video is truly heartwarming.

  2. Go head Luv the ending Dad says if you want it u gots to put a ring on it. Lead the way for ur daughter and continue to illustrate her self worth

  3. Thanks HGP.....
    Very delightful & positive.
    We love the family..

  4. I loved that video. Saw it on yahoo and had the kids watch,

    The father of the bride is a great dancer. They were adorable--and Pops was great!