Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nixon's Darkest Secrets

"You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference".

Richard Nixon famously uttered the above immortal yet unprophetic words almost 50 years ago when he lost the California gubernatorial election. Yes, unfortunately, we still have Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon to kick around. In a highly sensationalized and explosive book written by Don Fulsom - Nixon's Darkest Secrets - he claims Nixon, our country's 37th President was gay and a drunk wife beater:

A new book by an ex-White House reporter claims that President Richard Nixon was a mobbed-up drunk who beat the First Lady and may have had a decades-long gay affair with a shady Miami-area businessman.
In the shocking new biography "Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President," former United Press International Washington bureau chief Don Fulsom writes that Tricky Dick had mob ties for more than 20 years before he was elected in 1968 and lusted after his best pal, dashing Cuban-American playboy Charles (Bebe) Rebozo.
Nixon and Rebozo, who the feds believe laundered money for mob kingpins in Florida and Cuba, swam, sunbathed and dined together during guys-only vacations in exclusive Key Biscayne, Fla., and were once spotted holding hands under the table during a dinner with K Street power brokers, according to a report on the book in the Daily Mail. read entire story

Just to think, Nixon, who resigned the Presidency in 1974 and who died in 1994, is still being kicked around; and finally, Nixon - who famously believed the press was out to get him - proves correct the old cliche: 
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.

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