Thursday, April 28, 2011


From Sharon, Ben Jr., Karen, Debbie & Frank, Tali, Gabe, Ya-El, Olivia and Julia, have a truly happy and blessed birthday and many many more! We all love you. You and mom are the best!

Albert Haynesworth - "I don't even like black women"

Knee-Grow of the Season: Albert Haynesworthless

Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth denied allegations that he slid his credit card into the bra of a waitress and then touched her breast, according to court papers filed Wednesday offering the former Titan a plea deal in the sexual-abuse case.

His alleged reply:

I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn't tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me... (I don't) even like black girls.

I could say, talkin bout gold-diggas, Big Al, do you really think that white girl would be by your side if you were not making major figgas?

I could say, Big Al, doesn't your ignorant azz realize you diss you grandmother, mother, sister, daughters etc as unworthy with your duh-duh, dumb comments.

I could say, Big Al, when you utter such nonsensical ish like this, you are demonstrating nothing but self-hate and self-denigration.

However, all I will say is, I will truly pray for your mis-educated mind, and:

The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
Yo Big Al, Ya Dead Wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
Yo Big Al, Ya dead wrong
(Thank you, Biggie Smalls)

While I am on this subject, true love is colorblind. True love is strictly a matter between the hearts of the lovers. No one can predict where Cupid's arrows may land.

In saying all of this, what's up with this latest trend of athletes, entertainers, rappers (Lil Wayne and Yung Berg) who feel the need to verbally diss brown and ebony sisters.

Date who you gonna date, Playa, but stop with the self-hate. We got our hands full (i.e., Donald Chump) with others who feel it's their 24/7 J-O-B to hate on us...

Think, Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet - George Clinton

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mega Church: Lost Opportunity

My faithful reader, Barbara (thanks mom) wrote,
I have a negative opinion of most mega churches. There are so many positive things that they should be doing

Not to make light of Bishop Eddie Long's sordid affairs and troubles, but it raises the question of the role of the Black Church in an era of high crisis (we all know the statistical data) in the black community.

Instead of using church funds and resources to buy mansions, private jets, exotic vacations, fancy cars (plural) and other extravagant material bling-bling, just maybe the church could use more resources to uplift our community from economic chaos and Depression like conditions.

Or, are we as a people, so vested in materialism and individualism - I got mine, you got to get yours - that we fail to see that collectively we are greater than our individual parts?

Heru Ammen of the Urban Village Blog writes:

The black church is the worst culprit of what I term purveyors of conscious neglect. This institution, which should be standing in the gap for its poor and disenfranchised constituents represents the worst exploiter of the poor and disenfranchised that has ever existed in the African American community. Its raw embrace of individualism and materialism is couched in a feel good message of salvation and prosperity. Unfortunately the message of salvation and prosperity that the black church promotes seems to only apply to a few of its select clergy and members

He goes on to explain:

Their are approximately 70,000 black churches in the United States. Partial statistics show us that the median-average income of black churches is $200,000 annually. With a combined annual income approaching fourteen-billion (or more), the black church has the financial capability to effect change within our urban communities on a scale that is as wide as it is deep

All I can add is, preach on my brother, amen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eddie Long Stroke Update

After years of homophobic sermons and grandstanding, it has now been reported that Bishop Eddie "Long Stroke" and his lawyers are close to reaching a settlement with the young men that accused him of sexual coercion.

Bishop Eddie Long might be close to settling with the four young men who brought the sexual misconduct lawsuits against him last September, which set off a scandal that rocked the gospel world.

While the Atlanta mega-church pastor has remained silent about the lawsuit, the judge presiding in the case, DeKalb County State Court Judge Johnny Panos, told a local Atlanta TV station Friday that both sides had been having marathon meetings all week and are coming close to an agreement.

I guess when the collection plate is passed in that mega church, the church members are subsidizing Sir Long Stroke's extravagant life style. With high unemployment, inflation and over four dollar gas, I can't image his parishioners are happy about this...

On the other hand, P T Barnum once famously quipped:
A Sucker Is Born Every Minute

Honest folks, no pun intended (lol)...