Saturday, November 5, 2011

HGP: Quote of the Day

Compliments of paulfried on Twitter:

The repugs already gave us the 9 9 9 plan -

9% Unemployment

9% Congressional approval rate

9 Moron canditates

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Do Nothing GOP: In God We Trust

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the lone Republican in Obama’s Cabinet, says his party wants to do nothing in Washington, and is more committed to defeating the president than creating jobs.

Democrats aren’t alone anymore in sounding the alarm about the paralysis gripping Congress these days. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former congressman and the lone Republican in the Cabinet, says he believes his own party has put defeating President Obama ahead of creating jobs in America. source

We have been stating the obvious for some time now, but now there is GOP confirmation about the dubious strategy of Republicans in congress. Their agenda and the business of serving the American people are miles apart.

The GOP is so obsessed with bringing down President Obama, they are willing to tank our economy in their quest to reclaim executive power. Hence, they obstruct any and all legislation that may bring economic relief and jobs to the American people.

The Tea Party folks mid-term election platform in 2010 was Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - and after many were elected they have not introduced one legislation proposal that would create jobs.

In fact, the one piece of legislation that tout as successful is purely symbolic - to reaffirm the USA motto In God We Trust - as the Washington Post reports:

In Congress, a really good law is like a really good movie. If audiences liked it the first time, they’re going to love a remake — or two.

That appeared to be the logic Tuesday evening as the House debated whether “In God We Trust” should be the national motto. Of course, “In God We Trust” already is the national motto, guaranteed by an act of Congress in 1956.

And “In God We Trust” had already been reaffirmed once before as the national motto, by another act of Congress in 2002. Still, on Tuesday, the House spent 35 minutes debating whether the motto should be re-reaffirmed.

Many lawmakers threw their heart into the debate, even though it was a remake of a remake — its outcome as predetermined as the end of the third King Kong movie.

To GOP actions Obama stated:

With all that time on their hands, President Obama said, the lawmakers should be moving on aspects of the American Jobs Act.

“In the House of Representatives, what have you guys been doing, John?” Obama said, calling out House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio).

“You’ve been debating a commemorative coin for baseball. You’ve had legislation reaffirming that ‘In God We Trust’ is our motto. That’s not putting people back to work,” Obama said. “I trust in God, “but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work.” read more

Come to think of it, this is akin to watching - trust me - a wretchedly God awful B-movie.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Father & Daughter Share a Magical Wedding Dance

I just had to share this most beautiful family moment. Here's a shout out to all the Dad's out there who are handling their business!

Family Reunion - performed by The O'Jays - written by Gamble/Huff

You know the family is the solution to the world's problems today
Now let's take a look at the family
In the family the father is like the head, the leader, the director
Not domineering, but showing love, guidance
For everyone else in the family
Now if we could get all the fathers of the world
To stand up and be fathers
That would be great

Then we have mothers
Who are the right arm of the father
There's supposed to-to-to do the cooking
Raise the children, do the sewing
And help the father to guide and direct
Then there's the son
The son, most sons are like imitators of their father
So we're back again to the father
And he is guiding in the right way
The son is definitely gonna be alright
Then we have the daughter
Watching her mother
Be-because sooner or later she's gonna be a mother
And she'll have her own sons and daughters
It don't, it don't just stop there with the family or
Of-of yours or mine
It's a universal family
Under one divine purpose
And one divine father
That is if we all come together no matter what color, race, creed
Because that's all in the head whether you wanna believe it or not
'Cause you'll bleed

Family, family reunion
It'll be nice, so nice, so nice

Portraying Africa's Middle Class - The Other Africa

French-born photographer Philippe Sibelly has spent six years documenting a side of the African continent often ignored by mainstream media.

While African stories traditionally focus on the struggles and conflicts on the continent, Sibelly’s journeyman project showcases Africa’s stories of success.

The Other Africa is a photographic project started in 2005, a visual document studying the emergence of a middle class on the continent. The ever-growing set of images is made up of portraits of African professionals, images of African cities at night and portraits of radio DJs.

Sibelly has spent six years travelling through as many of Africa’s 54 countries as he can (up from 53 with the recent addition of South Sudan), trying to capture the middle class of every nation on the continent on film.

The project is a constant evolution as he continues to travel to Africa from his base in London as time and finances allow.

The resulting exhibition has been shown in the UK, and made its African debut in Accra, Ghana, in 2011. Now Sibelly hopes to bring the tour to other African countries.

The philosophy of the project also aims to restore dignity to both the concept of African imagery, and the people who appear in those images, who are given the recognition they deserve for their participation. read more

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Conservative Talker Ann Coulter: "Our blacks are better"

Her Highness of Shrill is back to reclaim her throne.

Miss Lately Semi-Retired Ann Coulter has emerged from the cave she dwells to push aside Ms. Michele Bachmann and Ms. Sarah P. to reclaim territory she conceded over the last 18 months or so.

Sarah decided she is better off just being a celebrity.
Michele, well let's just say the wheels are falling off that bus.

So, in reprising her role as the verbal Molotov Tosser from the extreme right, Miss Coulter has made a huge pronouncement on the Sean Hannity Show:

"Our blacks are so much better than their blacks. To become a black Republican, you don't just roll into it. You're not going with the flow..."

Yes, my brothers and sisters, she got the best and top of the line Negroes - we just gotta make do with ya left over blacks.

In her own words:

Shame on us - how did we let the Political Dream team of Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Michael Steele and Allen What's His Name get away - our bad.

BTW, the picture - compliments of listentoleon (check out his hilarous post) - is of Cain and Bachmann chowing down on fried chicken. Now, not to be piling on - and I do love me some fried chicken wings - but doesn't it seem like, Cain never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to show us he is not a walking cliche.

Herman Cain's "high-tech lynching"

To be honest, I always thought there was something Clarence Thomas like about Herman Cain - in fact, does anyone have a picture of both men together to prove they are not the same person?

Clarence, are moonlighting on the DL?

But seriously, the comparison is spooky. These two black men are of the same generation, both hailing from the south, both conservative Republicans and both are willing to advance their careers by carrying water for far right wing folks that are openly hostile to the African-American community.

Furthermore, Cain/Thomas benefited from the Civil Rights movement where many fought - and many gave their lives - to end segregation, Jim Crow and disenfranchisement of African-Americans in the southern states.

Once their skill set was able to shine - due to Affirmative Action - both men, instead of displaying gratitude seem to harbor deep rooted contempt for the plight of the African-American community.

For this reason, many African-Americans consider Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas as a combination of Judas and Benedict Arnold - willing to sell-out for personal gain and career advancement.

But who knew that Cain and Thomas also, allegedly, share the same pathology - the tendency to sexually harass women (but once again, I need to see that Cain/Thomas picture for you know why).

Lo and behold, the far right is evoking Clarence Thomas in defense of Herman Cain:

The reaction on the political right to allegations that Herman Cain sexually harassed two former employees has been swift, provoking a sharp response from some likening the GOP presidential hopeful to Clarence Thomas. Ann Coulter said it first, in a Sunday night interview with Fox News when the Politico story first broke: "This is a high-tech lynching."

"In the eyes of the liberal media, Herman Cain is just another uppity black American who has had the audacity to leave the liberal plantation. So they must destroy him, just as they tried destroying Clarence Thomas," wrote Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center.

Rush Limbaugh also lashed out at the news media for pursuing "the ugliest racial stereotypes they can to attack a black conservative." He went on to say on his radio show: "This is about blacks and Hispanics getting uppity."

Coulter, Bozell and Limbaugh all evoke what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said about Anita Hill's allegations of sexual harassment.

"From my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves," Thomas said at his 1991 Senate confirmation hearings. source

Lastly, to the knee-jerk reacting right wingers who want to blame the so-called liberal press (as Sarah P. says the lame street media), if the noose is getting mighty tight on ole Herm's neck you may want investigate whether or not he is a victim of friendly fire - just check out what Republican Mike Huckabee states of FOX news:

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said he could "almost guarantee" that therecent Politico story about sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain came from information leaked by another GOP campaign. source

They side show continues...

Post Script: Isn't it hypocritical how the right wing nuts have no hesitation of playing the race card when any black conservative comes under even a little bit of heat.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr Rashidi - A picture says a 1,000 words

This picture, posted on Dr Rashidi's Facebook wall compliments of brother Daveed, vividly depicts how far the mighty has fallen.

If our young brothers continue to think this style is hip or fly, we truly do not have to worry about the KKK or racism - we are doing a perfect JOB ourselves of hindering our progress.

President Obama can't fix this...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get the facts - Women & Heart Disease

Facts on Women and Heart Disease Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. In 2006, 315,930 women died from it.

1. Heart disease killed 26% of the women who died in 2006—more than one in every four.
Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a "man's disease," around the same number of women and men die each year of heart disease in the United States. Unfortunately, 36% of women did not perceive themselves to be at risk for heart disease in a 2005 survey.

2. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women of most racial/ethnic groups in the United States, including African Americans, American Indians or Alaska Natives, Hispanics, and whites. For Asian American women, heart disease is second only to cancer.

3. In 2006, about 6.9% of all white women, 8.8% of black women, and 6.6% of Mexican American women were living with coronary heart disease.4 January, 2010

For more info please link:

CDC - DHDSP - Fact Sheets - Women and Heart Disease Fact Sheet
* For this fact sheet, the term "heart disease" refers to several different types of heart condition.