Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gregory Gee's Super Bowl picks: Conspiracy Theories Aside - written with bharv

NFL Comish Roger Godell: Super Bowl Conspirator
Let's have a little fun with our NFL Conference Championship and Super Bowl predictions folks - tongue-in-cheek, of course.

First, I digress, conspiracy theorists were abuzz when the Denver Broncos high school offense led by Tim Tebow defeated the number one defense (Pittsburgh Steelers) 29-23 in Tebow's first NFL playoff game. Here's a cyberspace sample of conspiracy in the works:

I believe the reason behind Tim Tebow's success is due to the NFL's marketing. Everyone everywhere is talking about Tebow and the NFL is cashing in. Top selling jersey, the networks are fighting over game coverage, and their now putting him on the cover of their inaugural NFL magazine......Which means that most of these games has to be fixed for him to win. Take notice on all of his game winning drives, he's making his plays due to missed defensive reads or blown coverages. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Just look at his TD's his receivers are W I D E open. source

So, in the spirit of Conspiracies Gone Wild, here are my real and conspiracy predictions for the remainder of the NFL playoffs - including the Super Bowl.


REAL PREDICTION: I'm sticking with what I wrote two weeks ago:

Many NFL experts/analysts/pundits see this as the year that a high powered offense can win it all without a good defense. I am not on that bandwagon (reference my Saints prediction).

So, the Ravens - with a mediocre offense - will go into Foxborough and defeat the high octane New England Patriot offense. The Tom Brady led offense has rescued their poor defense (31st ranked) all season by scoring a ton of points. However, Brady will not be able to do that against the Ravens. The Ravens defense knows him too well and they have beaten the Pats before in Foxborough.
Ravens win 23-20.

CONSPIRACY PICK: This a league that wants what is best for it's image, brand and pockets: Therefore, Captain America...errr...I meanTom Brady and the Patriots will win; and Bill Belechick's 5th Super Bowl  appearance will cement his position on the Mt. Rushmore of NFL coaches.
Patriots wins 27-24.


REAL PREDICTION: The New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers should be a fun game to watch for defensive minded people like me. Both defenses are fundamentally sound and very physical. This will be the season's best playoff tackling game  - not a lot of yards after the catch because both teams pursue and wrap well. The 49ers are the most complete team but the Giants will win. Huh?

The Giants pass rush (game changer) will make Alex Smith get rid of the ball quickly but his receivers will not be open. Big Blue will play tight coverage and be physical with the 49ers receivers (New Orleans allowed Niners receivers free release) which leads to sacks, turnovers and a overall bad day for Smith. Eli Manning is proving to be money on playoff road games. And I'll take that experience over Smith. Giants win 31-14.

CONSPIRACY PICK: How did a rookie head coach - with a condensed pre-season and a seven season under-achieving QB (Alex Smith) finish 13-3 - get to host the NFC championship game? Hmmm..."someone" is looking out for Jim and John (Raven's head coach) Harbaugh - maybe the league wants to market a Super-Baugh  with Jim's Niners vs. brother John's Ravens. Anywho: 49ers win a thriller 29-27.


Did I say the Giants/49ers game would feature the best tackling exhibition in the playoffs? Well, the two week Super Bowl layoff will allow players to rest and rejuvenate. As a result, the Super Bowl will feature even more sharp tackling. Players, well rested, will be reved up and defensively hungry(think caged animal). Again, it will come down to which QB will make the most big plays. Once again, my money is on former Super Bowl champion Eli Manning  Giants win 23-10.

CONSPIRACY PICK: The Patriots/Ravens ("backed by league") will easily win against the 49ers - no score predictions - but look at the bright side, a revitalized San Francisco franchise is good geographical business for the NFL.

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