Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are the Clippers better than the Lakers?: Watch Blake Griffen Own Kendrick Perkins

With the addition of Chris Paul and the experienced Chauncey Billups, many NBA fans are daring to ask - the once unthinkable question: Are the LA Clippers the best basketball team in LA? My LA & Kobie fans (HGP sports editor Greg Gee included) don't sleep on the Clippers.

Blake Griffen/CP3 and crew are younger, more athletic and more exciting to watch(check out the video of Blake just posterizing Kendrick Perkins) - not to mention, after twenty some games into the season, the Clippers have the better record. To be fair, it's a bit premature to answer that question. But the mere fact we can even pose this question with a straight face is saying something.

And yes, Show Time at the Staples Center now has to be clarified: Clippers or Lakers?


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Lakers-Clippers rivalry? Are you kidding? This is now officially a street fight.
It used to be all that mattered when the Clippers played the Lakers was whether Jack Nicholson bothered to show.
No more. This one clearly mattered. By the final period, there threatened to be more technical fouls and near-fights than basketball plays. The basketball wasn't that bad, either. Spectacular, actually, if you are measuring intensity. The Lakers will measure it any way you want. Led by that old hand, Kobe Bryant, they prevailed in a rough and rugged fourth period to win, 96-91. read entire article


  1. I've known my friend Ben for 30 years and never have I known him to stoop to sensationalism! What does an ESPN highlight have to do with who's better between Lakers-Clippers? And rivalry? Like Griffin said, there is no rivalry because the Clippers haven't won anything. The only way the Lakers can be clipped(get it) from their LA Throne is for the other team to win something of meaning. Keep dreaming old friend

  2. @Namg - stop living in the past. You are stuck living off the fumes of the Lakers in their glory years. Presently, the Clippers are on a come up & the Lakers are coming down- to state different is to be in denial! I sense the kitchen is getting too hot for Kobie (a Michael Jordan wanna be), the old and slow supporting cast and for Laker fans here and abroad. Dont hate or shoot the messager. One