Thursday, May 24, 2012

Open letter from Donna Brazile: Meet two presidents -- airfare and hotel covered

I've been around the political block a few times, and I have to say: You don't want to miss this chance to meet President Obama and President Clinton.

Two presidents, a night in New York City, chatting it up and telling stories -- with you.

Chip in $3 or more to help Democrats win this year, and you'll be automatically entered to join them. I'm told airfare and hotel are covered for you and a guest.

I've known President Clinton since he was governor of Arkansas, and I worked hard to help elect him -- and re-elect him -- president.

I'm not shy about my support for President Obama either -- for how he's turning this economy around, how he's fighting for women and speaking out for marriage equality.

They come from very different backgrounds -- one from a town called Hope, the other from the island of Hawaii (sorry, birthers). But what unites them, and this party, is the belief that we are stronger together. That when everyone comes together and does their fair share, we can give everyone a shot at the American dream. They've both lived it.

If you and your guest are picked to go to New York and meet these two presidents, take my word for it: The conversation will be anything but dull.

One DNC supporter is going to be picked next Tuesday at midnight. Don't pass this one up.

Make a donation to Democrats today, and you'll be automatically entered to meet President Obama and President Clinton in New York:



Donna Brazile
Vice Chair
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- As vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, I also can't stress how critical your support is to helping Democrats win -- from President Obama to the smallest of local state races.Any donation you make today will make a difference.

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