Monday, July 23, 2012

The fall of St. Joe Paterno: NCAA issues hefty punishment on Penn State

Paterno and Sandusky
It is now official: The NCAA has rendered -- to the surprise of no one -- a harsh verdict on the Joe Paterno legacy.

The massive sanctions against Penn State's football program include:

Even the proponents for the NCAA death penalty agree, this punishment fits the crime for not only punishing present day Penn State but for retroactively penalizing Joe Paterno and his legacy: by taking away wins between 1998-2011 -- years that Sandusky continued to commit rape against children when Penn State and Paterno conspired to cover-up his crimes -- Paterno will lose the record of most wins by a college coach.
This indeed is a tale of Greek tragedy proportions: Similar to Icarus, Paterno continued to flap his wings in hubris and narcissism. He believed that his program, brand and reputation mattered more than the welfare of innocent children. 
Instead of turning in a monster preying on children, Paterno continued to aimlessly flap his wings. Instead of being a profile in courage, Paterno turned a blind eye. Well, similar to Icarus, Paterno descended from the heavens and crashed into the sea of despair.
All of this could have been avoided if Joe Paterno demonstrated some Paternal instincts.

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