Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney got jokes: Mitt makes a birther joke

As the Native Americans may say regarding Mitt The Ultimate Panderer Romney: Pale face speaks with Fork Tongue.

Out-of-one side of his mouth he whines about Team Obama's harsh campaign tone.

 On the other side, Mitt continues to play the Dog Whistle for the most extreme elements of the GOP party -- read the Tea Party fringe.

Mitt's overtures to the Tea Party

His pick of Vp running mate Paul Ryan was a pandering move to appease this base. His sharing the stage with birther-nut and loud mouth Donald Trump was another example of Mitt reaching out to the far right conspiracy loonies in the GOPTP.

His tepid rebuke of Ted Nugent for his threatening comments directed to President Obama demonstrates his tolerance for anti-Obama offensive rants. Mitt was even scared to stand up to Rush after the -- she's a slut -- anti-Sandra Fluke diatribe.

But now Mitt got jokes.

In his best attempt to be the Tea Party version of Jay Leno -- the soooo not cool nor funny -- Mitt Romney stoops to the lowest and most racist elements of his party by cracking birther jokes.

Watch the video.

I would say Mitt keep your day job, but that has been running for president for the last 10 years. So, I will say: Mitt go back to hiding money at Bain Capital.

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