Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michael Jackson: Bad 25

August 29th would have been Michael The King of Pop Jackson's 54th birthday. As to be expected, there have been multiple scheduled events this weekend to celebrate and honor his legacy.

 Famed director Spike Lee has filmed a Michael Jackson tribute documentary called Bad 25:

“He’s got the perfect balance and soul and science,” producer Quincy Jones said of Michael Jackson, at the conclusion of their work on the album Bad (read TIME’s oral history: The Making of Bad).

Spike Lee’s Bad 25, which has its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival tonight, exactly a quarter-century after its Aug. 31, 1987, release, shows the blend of inspiration and acuity that drove these two perfectionists in creating a worthy successor to their epochal 1982 album Thriller. Jackson said he meant bad “in all good will,” and in that sense the movie isn’t bad, it’s baaad — and great.
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My tribute to Michael Jackson is the following post of the entire Off The Wall album. This -- as most of his fans know -- is the first in the trilogy of albums he collaborated with superstar producer Quincy Jones. And to me, this is my sentimental favorite of all three.

MJ happy B-day!

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