Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL 2012: BY Greg Gee

It's Heeeeerree!

The N-F-L season opened with upsets -- example, RGIII and the Skins over New Orleans Saints (I'm feeling this kid) -- a trend that will be this year's theme:

Year of the Upset...well, until we get to the Super Bowl -- which will be won by a proverbial powerhouse team.

Anyway, the league will continue the trend since 1996 -- 5 new teams making the playoffs -- meaning 5 teams from last year will be out for the 2012 playoffs.

We will add to the old adage: Defense wins championships...but you need a high powered offense get you to the big game. Look for teams to put up big regular season numbers to get into the playoffs, only to be slapped down by the eventual Super Bowl winner's D-E-F-E-N-S-E!

For my preview:

I thought I would only predict and highlight some positives for the season.  Most of teams will be "failures"  or so-called "rebuilding projects" -- so no need to pile on with more negativity (political ads have given enough negativity for the season).

So here we go:

Jay Cutler will emerge as one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL:

  • Why? A more balanced Bears offense. Cutler, until now, has really no one to throw to: he reunites with Brandon Marshall -- which means the speedy Devin Hester can play the slot where he belongs. RB Matt Forte power running will keep defenses honest and the solid Bears defense will allow them to compete for the division crown....watch out Packers!

  • We have seen players get the sophomore "jinxed" -- when everyone jumps on their bandwagon -- BUT Cam Newton will not be jinxed! Carolina's defense will match Cam's "superb" playing ability that will catapult the Panthers to the NFC south crown. Say What?! Yeah, I'm being bold.

  • The New York Jets will be ok despite the head scratching acquisition of Tim Tebow in the off season and an anemic preseason. Head coach Rex Ryan gets back to calling defensive plays which will get the Jets back into the playoffs.
Playoffs, did I say playoffs?

Speaking of playoffs, these are my 2012 playoff teams:

AFC: Patriots, Jets, Ravens,  Texans, Broncos, Chargers

NFC: Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Bears, Panthers, Seahawks

No Giants you say?

Sorry but 9-7 in the NFC east won't get you a post season spot this year. I'm not gonna give you playoff match ups:


Green Bay will be Super Bowl champions by defeating Houston 38-20. There I said it. Bookmark my predictions and hit the Gee Man up.

Enjoy the season. Sorry my fellow Dolphins fans, not this year!

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  1. Welcome back Greg Gee...we njoy your whimsical, albeit insightful sports views. Like your NFL picks...but how could you sleep on the 49ers...with the addition of Randy Moss they are even more dangerous. Did you see them open up a can of whoop azz against the Pack?