Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years!

Congratulations to President Obama and Vice President Biden!

And again I say, welcome to the New America: more diverse, more dynamic, more accepting, more multi-cultured and more determined. It is not neo-1950's and even the 1980's, decades in which -- as Bill O'Reilly stated -- so-called traditional Americans can unilaterally impose their will.

And to my fellow conservatives, the words of the following Huffington Post commentor sums it up best:

...while you attempt to explain away the Conservative/Reactionary  mind as simply "a glass half empty or full " difference in perspective or "cherry picking" by both sides what you either willingly ignore or perhaps simply don't understand is that the modern Conservative/Reactionary movement and media have gone beyond that...far beyond.

Conservatives today instead of relying on nonpartisan data or objective studies and applying a Conservative filter (whether that is polls, economic data, or scientific or social studies) they attempt to create they own "facts" using BIG LIE tactics or self-serving "research" worthy of the Tobacco Institute of old.

Say what you will but when Conservatives/Reactionaries deny the validity of not just one poll but come to the conclusion that ALL polls are "biased" against them because they don't give the result they like that is a problem of your mindset.

When the BLS presents favorable national data contrary to the "message" of Cons it is not  "rigging" the data but your assumption/ argument that is false.

When Cons try to suppress the release of non-partisan research on climate change or undercut the "trickle down" economic notion because they simply did not like the result  so that means the study is "biased"  that speaks volumes.
Just like the ads about "Jeep" and Welfare were complete LIES but Cons/Reactionaries simply didn't care or thought if they kept repeating them enough your followers would accept them as truth just like they did with all the craz.y about Obama's birthplace or religion.

Until Conservatives/Reactionaries understand that if objective data and reality conflict with their "beliefs" it is not a sign of "bias" but a sign that your notions need review...serious review

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