Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Mitt's pattern of bullying matters And Bristol Palin preaches about marriage

High school behavior -- unless extreme -- should not be considered a relevant nor important presidential campaign issue.

I agree with Mitt Romney, we all do wacky, experimental and flat out dumb things in high school. Our behavior, heavily influenced by peer pressure, has not fully matured.

This is where Mitt and I veer off on different roads:

His treatment of a vulnerable schoolmate was not just a foolish prank -- it was a life scarring trauma. It was cruel, sadistic and extreme behavior on so many levels.

Blake Griffin & Bryce Harper: New School athletes facing Old School rules by Greg Gee with bharv

Too many New School athletes are mental softies. They are soft as Twinkies. This growing list includes:

  • Athletes criticizing Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels for intentionally hitting Washington Nationals Bryce Harper.
  •  Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin for complaining about hard fouls on him.
First, let me unequivocally state, I believe in and support player safety but in each above example neither athlete was in harms way -- it was just professional athletes enforcing unwritten sports codes. I will explain.

Cole Hammels plunks Bryce Harper:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obesity in USA: It's not the calorie count, It's the sugar

Conventional Wisdom: The obesity crisis in our country is directly linked to overeating and a sedentary life style. A recent article in Newsweek -- Why the campaign to stop America's obesity crisis keeps failing -- says not so fast. Eating less and engaging in more physical activity does have enormous health benefits:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Did Rev. Billy Kyles confess to being a co-conspirator in the assassination of MLK?

Hi my name is Ben and I am an internet Junkie (me at my Internet Anonymous meeting)...I rarely watch TV anymore because I have graduated to the harder stuff.

Now that I got that out my system: 

I was surfing around the net this past weekend; and you know how you find one thing that links to another link?

As I surfed, I stumbled upon a video on Youtube that rocked my world. It appears as if King's friend, cohort and fellow civil rights patriot is confessing, via Freudian slip, about his role as a co-conspirator in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Check it out and let me know if  what you think? Is he confessing or misspeaking?