Friday, January 25, 2013

Super Bowl 47: The HarBowl

Next Sunday's Super Bowl has already generated the expected excitement and then some. With all the SB narratives, plots and subplots to fill an encyclopedia -- hopefully it will completely knock Manti Te'o and his hoax girlfriend out of the news.

Wishing for a tie?

First, the dueling Harbaughs: this game matches Jim Harbaugh against his brother John; and as one sports writer  called it, it is The HarBowl. My question: who do the parents root for? One son's biggest victory will accompany the other son's worst defeat. What's a mom and dad to do?

 Well if the past is's how the parents handled the first Harbaugh Vs Harbaugh contest.

After the Ravens defeated the 49ers 16-6, Jack Harbaugh said the parental instincts kicked in. He peeked into the Ravens locker room and the guys were jumping up and down. A smile was glued to John Harbaugh’s face.

“I thought to myself, we’re really not needed here,” he said.
Then, he went into the 49ers locker room. It was quiet and somber and Jim was alone in his office.
“That’s where we were needed,” Jack Harbaugh said. “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and we know we’re going to experience that next week.”
But when Jackie Harbaugh sits down to watch the game next week, she’ll be pulling for the biggest underdog in Super Bowl history.
“I know one is going to win and one is going to lose,” she said. “But I would really like it to end in a tie. Can the NFL do that?”  source

Ray-Ray's swan song
Future Hall of Famer, Ray Lewis is hanging up the cleats win or lose. Going out in a blaze of victory would put an exclamation point on the legendary career of Lewis. Lewis was a boy-man that had it all and seemed to lose it all in that infamous post-SB party of 2000 that left two men dead. 

The fact that Mr. Lewis has redeemed and transformed himself into a solid man, father, team leader, league ambassador and mentor is a remarkable feat. His tale needs to be told to all aspiring young athletes with big money, lot's of time and a menacing entourage of boys from the hood.

Rising stars: The New QB's on the block

In next week's SB we are sans a Brady, Manning, lil Manning, Rogers, Brees or Big Ben. We have fresh, upcoming QB's leading their respective team: The Ravens have the strong arm of Joe Flacco and 49ers have the exciting double threat (running and passing) of Colin Kaepernick. A new star will be born!

I will be tuned in.

Side-Bar: Is it me or does Tom Brady seem very average if you can put consistent pressure on him? He appears to tap, tap, tap like Mr. Bojangles when faced with a raging defensive rush. One other note, ever since spygate  the Pats have not hoisted the SB Vince Lombardi trophy in the air. Take nothing away from coach Belichick, Brady and team but, I am just saying...

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