Monday, March 25, 2013

The GOP Conundrum: Entertainment vs Politics

Some folks in the "scary" party -- GOP -- have finally and honestly looked into the mirror -- and what did they see:

First, the voices from the study rose up to describe how the general population views "the Republican Party today." Those voices loudly called out, "Scary", "Narrow minded" and "out of touch," essentially calling it a party of "stuffy old men."

And some folks at the RNC even recognized if they are to survive they must reach-out beyond their current monolithic base:

On Monday a Republican task force released a remarkably hard-headed diagnosis of the party’s many liabilities: its ideological rigidity, its preference for the rich over workers, its alienation of minorities, its reactionary social policies and its institutionalized repression of dissent and innovation.

The 97-page Growth and Opportunity Project report was commissioned in the wake of the 2012 election debacle by Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. The G.O.P. report is an extraordinary public acknowledgment of internal discord and vulnerability, which has intensified the battle between the deeply committed conservative wing and the more pragmatic, pro-business wing for control of the Republican Party. With just a few exceptions, it does not mince words.

At the federal level, it says, the party is “marginalizing itself,” and, in the absence of major change, “it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win a presidential election in the near future.” Young voters are “rolling their eyes at what the party represents.” Voters’ belief that “the G.O.P. does not care about them is doing great harm.” source

Ok, ok...enough of the obvious -- no rational thinking person needed this report to define the obvious: A quick glance at any GOP gathering, convention, conference (or cross burning) reveals a color-challenged GOP -- not to mention youth-challenged as well.

But here is the million dollar (or billionaire -- think Koch brothers) conundrum confronting the GOP: what is good business for the Conservative Entertainment Complex, is bad business for the brand. To be clear, Rush and FOX make too much cheddar to soul-search and change ways, i.e., get with the program!

Second, after four solid years of trashing and demonizing everything Obama, it would take a Herculean effort to convince the rank-in-file to now select compromise and governing over screaming and obstruction.

A las, the GOP civil war marches on: Rush attacking the GOP establishment; Sarah P attacking Karl Rove (and vice versa); Ann Coulter attacking Governor Chris Christie; and big mouth Trump being big mouth Trump. I would say grab some popcorn and enjoy the drama but, this drama is holding our country hostage...

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