Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rubert Murdoch's NY Post deplorable coverage of the Boston Marrathon Bombing

Murdoch's corrupted
To state the obvious: Rupert Murdoch is a POS.

FOX nation

The man who has infected our nation with the radical right-wing FOX: The mis-News organization that preys on middle-America's fears and irrational xenophobia. Truth -- and ironically their motto Fair and Balanced -- are the antithesis of the extremely divisive propaganda FOX reports.

British phone hacking scandal

Across the pond, Murdoch's British tabloids were infamous for illegally hacking phones of crime victims, celebrities and even the royal family:

As Rupert Murdoch made his way into Parliament on July 19, 2011, to answer questions about the phone-hacking scandal engulfing his media empire, ruination hung in the air. Readers were boycotting his papers. The stock of News Corp. (NWS), of which he is chairman and chief executive officer, was plummeting. Political outrage had forced him to abandon the biggest media deal he had ever worked on. Lawmakers in the U.S. and the U.K. were calling for investigations. Even Hugh Grant was on the warpath, appearing everywhere to advocate for an aggressive public inquiry into the wrongdoings. And lurking in the wings was a man intent on hitting Murdoch in the face with a shaving cream pie. read more

NY Daily News releases wrong picture of Boston bomb suspects

With wonton and reckless disregard for the safety and reputation of two high school track stars, Murdoch's Daily News erroneously splashes pictures of two innocent youth:

“The image (of the two) was emailed to law enforcement agencies yesterday afternoon seeking information about these men, as our story reported,” Allan said in a statement. “We did not identify them as suspects.”

Still, labeling Barhoum — who participated in the Junior Olympics — and his pal as “Bag Men” amounted to a new low for the paper, which already faced scathing criticism this week for initially standing by its reporting that 12 people died in the bombings, as well as reporting that a “Saudi national” was in custody in connection to the attacks.

Barhoum’s dad El Houssein Barhoum, 42, was definitely not in a forgiving mood.

"Whoever did this is a real criminal," he said. “This is a mistake — but who will pay for the mistake? It is us. I can't send my kid to school!" source
And adding insult to injury, defiantly Murdoch refuses to apologize.

Rupert Murdoch issued a belated defense of the New York Post's coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings on Saturday.

The paper has been besieged with criticism for its faulty reporting of the attacks. The Post said 12 people had died, when only three had; it said a Saudi man was a "suspect" in "custody", when he wasn't; and, perhaps most gallingly, it splashed pictures of two young men on its front page even though it admitted it did not know whether they were suspects or not. The men turned out to be completely innocent. One was 17 years old; he told the Associated Press that he was scared to go outside.

The Post is not a paper that apologizes very often, and it did not apologize for its Boston coverage either. Its owner continued that trend when he tweeted about the controversy on Saturday: source

Some wealthy tycoons make their fortunes by adding value and advancing humankind: Rupert Murdoch is not in that category. His billions have amassed by appealing to the most common denominator of his audience. Just think, for 17 months Murdoch gave a platform for the lunacy of Glen Beck.

The trajectory of the uncivilized political discourse can be directly correlated to the rise of Murdoch and FOX. But the greatest tragedy is that without viewers and readers, the Murdoch dynasty would not exist. His brilliance, albeit diabolical, is being able to awaken the dormant hate trait of his loyal consumers.

I just hope and pray that these young Boston men defamed by Murdoch sue the shit out of his empire.

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