Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Anthony Weiner problem or Weiner's weiner

Carlos Danger?
Dios Mios!....I was floored after reading the following:

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman who polls suggest is a leading candidate for mayor of New York, admitted Tuesday that he engaged in a series of sexually explicit communications with a young woman on the Internet.

The behavior allegedly occurred in 2012, more than a year after Weiner was forced to resign from Congress after admitting to similar episodes. But in a news conference that seemed a little like a public therapy session, Weiner stood with his wife, Huma Abedin, and vowed to stay in the race for mayor.

According to a gossip Web site called the Dirty, the Democratic ex-congressman, using the pseudonym “Carlos Danger,” exchanged obscene messages and nude pictures and engaged in phone sex with an unidentified woman, then 22.

Come on man!

While I will be the first to state: He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones at others. I gotta ask, Weiner's progressive politics aside, is he Carlos-too-Dangerous and reckless to receive the keys to Gracie Mansion, aka, the official house of the mayor of the Big Apple?

Dude is seriously creeping me out!

The man just got busted for sending lewd pics and resigned from congress in disgrace. He gets a major league chance at political redemption. But, for whatever reasons or compulsions, Weiner can not keep it zipped up.

I am not a prude or judgmental. I do not believe in bedroom politics. His business is his business. But in the political realities of the day (right-wing zealots on the come up), is Weiner more liability than asset? As damaged goods, how effective can he govern?

I am sure New Yawkers will have their say.


  1. As long as it was consensual I don't care what he gets up to.
    But I don't live in NYC.

  2. If, in the words of his wife, it took a lot of “hard work” and “a lot of therapy” to save their marriage, what can the average citizen expect of Mayor Weiner in looking after his interests?

  3. Regardless of the letter beside a person's name or what they claim to stand for when on a podium, I think America needs a better class of politicians.

    Sure, a person's private life is their private business. And if people want to engage in cyber-sex and photo exchanges, etc, I'm good with that, even if it is a politician.

    But the lying gets me. We can do better.

    And let's be honest about Weiner in general. He is only running because of the scandal! He has all the press he needs. His name is in the spotlight because of it, whereas before he was just the guy Democrats loved because he interview-bombed Fox News on the reg and screamed at Republicans. That was his only contribution as a politician. He is pretty worthless and has nothing going for him in the marketplace of ideas other than bitter partisanship.

    But with this new currency, his name is now big enough to enter into a larger political race.

    The man has the character we have come to expect of politicians. He's a lying, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, selfish, fiercely ideologically one-sided malefactor whose only talents are in bloviating and finding enough people who hate the other side to secure a paycheck and better life for himself and his wife (who is no longer an innocent in this fiasco).

    Some people aren't cut out to make it in the marketplace because they offer nothing of value. Weiner fits that plaster cast, and he has to turn to the taxpayers to fund his lifestyle.

  4. It looks as if New Yorkers are indeed expressing their response to Wiener's sexting admissions: Weiner is dropping in the polls.