Saturday, August 17, 2013

Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiners anyone?

On a Saturday afternoon light note: check-out this story from ABC news:

Anthony Weiner may be lagging in the race for New York City mayor, but he is winning in another area — hot dog marketing.

The  delicious combination of Anthony Weiner’s name and his sexually suggestive Twitter antics were apparently too good to pass up for one Florida marketing man, who has joined forces with an Illinois hot dog company to create a hot dog brand called Carlos Danger Weiners, which he has incorporated into the company Carlos Danger LLC.

The company, whose website launched today, was created by Randall Richards, the CEO of Web Dominators LLC, a marketing firm in Orlando, in partnership with Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, a family-owned business in Illinois. Hot dog orders can be placed through the website, and Richards said he had been in touch with several chains such as Walmart and Publix about selling the dogs.

Carlos Danger, for anyone who has not been following the saga of wannabe New York City Mayor Anthony Weiner, was the pseudonym the former congressman used during his online sexual chats with women.

Weiner declared a run for New York City mayor two years after he resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives, where he represented parts of Brooklyn and Queens,  following revelations that he had been exchanging lewd photos with women over social media.

Urr...I think I'll pass on this one. I like my hot dogs but a Weiner wiener?, not for me.

On another note: Do you think Anthony Weiner trade marked Carlos Dangerous and now wants his cut of the profits?

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