Friday, December 6, 2013

Mandela: Our long walk to freedom

For the last couple of years, we knew this day was rapidly approaching.

We braced our hearts to accept that this man -- giant among giants -- would be called home.

Our long good bye to our dear Madiba didn't make our sorrow any easier to bare.

What can one say?

He was all things:

Warrior, both determined and militant;
unswayable in his quest for human rights and dignity;
calmly resolute in the face of danger and detainment.

He was:

Touched by the hand of god;
bestowed insight into the hearts
and mind of all mankind.

He became:

A wise older sage;
his weapon of choice, compassion;
he walked with kings, presidents
and common folks with the same grace.

After all:

He was our Madiba;
and now he walks with god
and belongs to the ages.


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