Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eagles vs Cowboys and Peyton Manning going back to Indy

There are a couple NFL games I circled to watch this weekend. First game, in a battle for 1st place in the wounded NFC East, my Philly Eagles against my sister's (Karen) Dallas Cowboys.

Now, granted, neither team has a winning record -- both are 3-3 -- but first place is first place. The history of the NFC East is that any team that heats up late in the season has a chance to go deep in the playoffs.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Redskins Name change: Dan Synder it's long overdue

Full disclaimer:

I am a Philly fan (born in Philly and raised in South Jersey) living in DC. The Skins are our bitter rival in the NFC Eastern division -- not quite as bitter as, say, the Cowboys vs. the Skins but, yet in still, no love lost.

 I can remember only one game in which I was an unabashed and enthusiastic Skins fan: The Doug Williams Super Bowl!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The South Rises Again: Neo-Confederates, Sarah Palin & Ted Cruz invade DC

The Confederate march on Washington.

For the last 5 years they tried to, well, let's say, semi-hide it -- although they did not do a good job.

Outside of the occasional finger-in-the-face; the "you lie" outburst; the birther movement; and, the federal judge's racist anti-Obama email (to name a few):

The GOP/TP and friends wanted all of us to believe their anger and rage was strictly about policy and not remotely about race.